Art takes many forms and not just the formal ones most people think of when they hear the word.  To my mind anything created with the intent to evoke emotion in another---even simple enjoyment is art.  We can't all sing, dance, write or paint  well but most of us have SOME creative outlet, some means of expressing our feelings and calling forth emotion from others. (IMO)

If you think about it there are 'arts' that appeal each of the physical senses, with some appealing to more than one sense:
Sight: Painting, photography, dance, meals/deserts that are eye-pleasing and thus more appetizing.
Sound: Music, any spoken word performance (play or poetry) But these are often appreciated visually as well.
Touch: textile works, sculptures, what linens we use in our homes even when we are not allowed to touch...don't most of us imagine what they would feel like?
Olfactory (smell): The pleasantness of aromas...from cooking/baking to incense/candles to perfumes/colognes.  Aromas are one of the most powerful evokers of memories and the attached emotions.  The earth after rain, the salt air near the a well done formal work of art---they evoke emotion.
Taste: Food, especially herbs and spices, wines/liquors.

Some people express their creativity in their homes or gardens, or how they solve practical problems at work or in daily life.

I've created the Living Art Fully group, which has had other incarnations elsewhere, as a place for us to share our many forms of creativity.  My hope is for people to post samples of their own work, stills and videos of art forms that intrigue or move them.  I also hope we can talk some about our individual creative processes.  We are varied in those processes, I've no doubt.

The image above is a collage I did a few years of the few times I was just 'seized' by inspiration and had the finished product in a n hour or so.  Usually my process involves a lot of thinking, musing, what I call 'percolating'---over several days.  And with my writing it usually involves a lot of 'editing' after it's all down in print.

So,  what do you do  artfully? What arts and artists inspire and comfort you?   Please share...