GM and global energy giant Italian wind farm, when the previous increase in demand for electricity, GM will try to sell more turbines and related equipment to the power generation company. But GM in its partnership with the Italian, the use of a large number of operational data, start advanced analysis and simulation, and come up with different practices: Italy do not have to buy more wind turbine hardware Sensor to increase capacity; It can only buy a very small number of equipment, and then through the software, link all the turbines, for mobile control and real-time analysis. Generate value by capturing useful data from sensors installed on its turbines, as well as other wind energy devices, and then using that information to maximize the performance, utilization and maintenance of the equipment. Customers from the performance improvement of the increase in income, GM can obtain some of the percentage, and get value. Therefore, despite the common sale of relatively small hardware, but the development of mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

  The industrial networking is making a revolutionary change in the creation and acquisition of universal values. But decided to build a new system, it is more progressive development. The company to globalization, while a large number of investment in technology, products and services, change is the industrial networking. Universal mobile solutions focus on building an open global network Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of machines, data and people to generate a large number of new business opportunities, as well as a results-based business model. It emphasizes the provision of data synthesis and analysis, and designs real-time and predictive solutions to assist customers in complex job optimization.

  In addition to sensors and microprocessors, GM also uses a considerable number of embedded software, operating power plants around the world, jet engines, hospitals and medical systems, utility companies, oil drilling platforms, railways, and other industrial infrastructures. Hundreds of thousands of common devices are linked to each other and are equipped with increasingly sophisticated sensors that seem to be a reasonable extension of GM's original maintenance and operational business model, and is expected to expand the general strategic advantage. As the size and scope of this opportunity becomes clear, it is necessary for the company to develop new capabilities. It needs a global center to develop Temperature Sensor and support software applications across business across a consistent way, and it will require creative new ways to manage customer relationships, including how to sell new products and deliver services.

  GM is difficult to match in terms of efficiency, productivity and innovation, but it is definitely not known for its flexibility, responsiveness, and a solid strategy for software development. Software design talent is also a concern. Lu set out to create a software platform that will run across the entire enterprise. It will improve the efficiency of the development of new applications, and rapid cross-industry innovation. Independent software developers can also build applications on a common platform. Lu insisted that all the intellectual property produced by his team was owned by GM. For business units to support generic software companies, is often a challenge. The various institutions Speed Sensor are used to self-operation, and some institutions of the historical heritage of more bound. Lu does not force anyone to support. Lu's division structure helps to encourage collaboration. General software is set up by the Executive Office, not yet its own balance sheet.