With the development of electronic technology of automobile decoders, the degree of engineering of electronic jamming of automobiles has been continuously improved. The usual mechanical system has been difficult to Sensor solve some decoding problems related to the requirements of automobile functions, and replaced by electronic control system. The function of the sensor is to provide a useful component of the electrical output signal quantitatively according to the size of the measured quantity, that is, the transducer converts the physical and chemical quantities of light, time, electricity, temperature, pressure and gas into a signal. Sensors as a key component of the automotive electronic control system, it directly affects the technical performance of the car to play.

   There are many types of engine control sensors, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, speed and angle sensors, flow sensors, position sensors, gas concentration sensors, knock sensors and so on. This type of sensor is the core of the entire engine, which can improve engine power, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, reflect the failure, etc., because of its work in the engine vibration, gasoline steam, sludge and mud and other harsh environments, so they are poor Environmental technical indicators to be higher than the general sensor. There are many Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor requirements for their performance indicators, the most critical of which is the measurement accuracy and reliability, otherwise the error caused by the sensor detection will eventually lead to engine control system failure or failure. The main purpose of the sensor sensor for body control is to improve the safety, reliability and comfort of the vehicle. There are many kinds of temperature sensors, air volume sensor and sunshine sensor in the automatic air conditioning system. The acceleration sensor in the airbag system, Brightness control in the light sensor; dead angle alarm system in the ultrasonic sensor; image sensors.

  The engine car throttle is controlled by the driver through the accelerator pedal to change the engine intake, thus controlling the operation of the engine. Different car throttle opening signifies the different operating conditions of the engine. The sensor industry will further toward the production scale, specialization and automation direction. Industrialized production of flat process technology will be to promote the sensor price significantly reduced the main driving force. The automation of the sensor-made post-process Temperature Sensor packaging process and test calibration, which costs about 50% of the total cost of the product, will be a breakthrough in key production processes. The enterprise structure of the sensor industry will still show the pattern of 'large, medium and small', 'group, specialized production coexistence' pattern, the group of large companies will increasingly show its monopoly, and specialized production , Small businesses because they can adapt to the needs of small batch products market, there are still their survival and development of space and opportunities.