ABS anti-lock brake system is not to shorten the braking distance, but in the brakes, by avoiding the tire lock and slip, in the brakes through the point brake, rather than the traditional Sensor brake directly locked tires, so tire does not Full lock can not be turned. The car to obtain the least direction of control, to avoid a more serious accident.

  The ABS system consists of a wheel speed sensor, a pressure sensor mounted on the brake pedal, a set of treatment units and a hydraulic control unit mounted on the brake master cylinder, as well as the actuators on each cylinder. When you encounter a dangerous situation, subconsciously step on the brake, the brake pedal pressure sensor detects a large pressure signal, ABS processing Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor system that requires the need for emergency braking, and by monitoring the wheel speed sensor, know the wheel speed is indeed Greatly reduced, so sure to start ABS.

  Hydraulic control system to start, according to need, most of the hydraulic pressure to the front wheel of the pump, the pump in the ABS actuator control cylinder, the two front wheels to implement the maximum braking force - release - the largest Braking force - loosen this operation. This change in braking force has a lot of times a second. Then, the wheel began to carry out anti-lock emergency brake. And because Temperature Sensor the above operation will lead to dramatic changes in hydraulic pressure, as a rigid connection with the brake system brake pedal, will be subject to drastic changes in the impact of the hydraulic, so the driver will feel the brake pedal in the jitter.

   For civilian vehicles, taking into account the different driver technology, equipped with ABS is very necessary. But some extreme pursuit of sports high-performance cars, such as cars, there is no ABS system. For cars that are very extreme performance cars, this type of car itself in the design, the default driver is to have a considerable degree of driving skills. So, for this type of car, the additional weight of the ABS system will not only affect performance, but also affect the driver's perception of the brakes, because the default driver of the car is able to control Throttle Position Sensor the car in the lock and do not lock Between. In order to maximize the performance of sports, such extreme models, generally do not install the ABS system, thanks to the driver's own technology.