Smart cars mean more convenience and higher safety factor, but only if your car has enough capacity to handle all kinds of information. The car's intelligence comes from the car chip, an excellent chip will Sensor make your car more intelligent. Qualcomm recently announced Xiao Long 820A processor is to enhance the 'vehicle IQ' and specially designed.

  Xiao Long 820A is not the traditional sense of the vehicle handling sensor, because it can give the vehicle machine learning ability. Xiao Long 820A built Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine development tools, you can make reasonable use of Xiao Long 820A processor heterogeneous computing power for car manufacturers to provide a powerful and efficient development platform. Xiao Long 820A will open the emergence Suction Control Valve of a new chapter in automotive intelligence, with its help, your car will be able to learn a lot of new skills.

  With Xiao Long 820A processing sensors, cars and cars can be exchanged between each other. Qualcomm is building a cloud drive data platform Qualcomm Drive Data Platform, combined with Xiaolong 820A processor machine learning ability, the vehicle can perceive the surrounding environment and traffic, identify and learn traffic signals, and share this information Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to other vehicles. Through this exchange, traffic information will be passed to the person in need at the first time.

The Nauto company is developing a driver monitoring algorithm based on real-time machine learning technology, which also allows the car to rate the driver. This algorithm uses the camera and the sensor to monitor the behavior of the driver and the vehicle in real time, combined with the external environment information, uses the Xiaolong 820A processor to carry on the comprehensive analysis to all the information, finally judges the driver's performance, and in its casual When a warning is given to the outside world. With this means of detection, fatigue driving phenomenon will be a lot of containment to ensure traffic safety. In the Xiao Long 820A processing sensor with the help of complex road conditions can also calmly deal with. The company is developing a driving support system that enables real-time monitoring and analysis of road conditions. This system utilizes the heterogeneous computing power of the Xiao Long 820A processing sensor, which can identify different objects and segment the image in front of the road. This system allows the car Temperature Sensor to be accurate, real-time grasp of the surrounding road conditions, resulting in a consistent interpretation of the observation environment, and ultimately analyze the safe driving routes, to help you calmly deal with complex road conditions, experience easy driving.

  Equipped with Xiao Long 820A sensor sensor car, can own and the surrounding information in real time feedback to the driver. RT-RK has developed a matching computer vision development tool for Xiaolong 820A, which allows the heterogeneous computing processor to efficiently analyze and integrate information from the camera and the sensor, and then through the computer vision analysis of the vehicle's Kind of information intuitive display in the car infotainment system, so that the driver can keep abreast of the situation of the vehicle, to the driving Speed Sensor process to provide more convenience.

  The future of vehicles need to have more intelligent information and security systems and better driving support system, and Xiao Long 820A is to promote the intelligent vehicle and students, it is excellent machine learning ability and heterogeneous computing power, will be smart cars The development offers unlimited possibilities.