They have no great offensive players, no good passers (no, Pistons fans, a rookie Greg Monroe doesn't count, not until he works out his turnover issues) and no good defenders, unless Ben Wallace turns back the clock seven years. Their head coach is notorious for playing at a slow pace (despitesaying otherwise), and their unsung hero is NBA Live Coins out for three months with a shoulder achillesinjury. Joe Dumars certainly has an interesting definition of "rebuilding," based on this roster.THE BORING GOOD TEAMS27. Portland Trail Blazers (LY: 21)


Every year, there's one or two good teams that are just awful on the eyes. Last year, that team was Cleveland. This year? I suspect it'll be Portland and Atlanta.Why Portland? For the same reason that Rudy Fernandez wants to leave the


NBA -- they are very s ... l ... o ... w. Not literally, of course, but they've been the slowest-paced team in the league in both of the last two years. Nate McMillan is a great coach that did wonders getting 50 wins out of this squad, but he has a style and he sticks to it.


Even the half-court offense is a lot of standing around and isolation plays. It works very, very well, but it's painful to watch.There's also the truth that this team has a bunch of odd pieces to work in. As good as Andre Miller was down the stretch, we still don't know if he can fit in with Brandon


Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and all the rest of Buy NBA 2K18 MT the pieces when they're all healthy. We have no clue what to expect from Greg Oden, if he plays at all. The two saving graces are Roy and dynamic small forward Nicolas Batum, but it's hard for me to believe that.