Things to know about buying a diamond engagement ring:

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Diamonds are made when carbon is compressed by enormous geological pressures until it becomes crystallized. These tiny crystals are extracted by diamond miners from mines deep within the earth. The diamond cutters clean the diamonds and determine the appropriate cut based on the natural shape of the diamond. Most diamonds are cut into round shape.

There are 4 C’s which will help you distinguish and determine the value of diamonds in 



The quality of the diamonds is determined by its weight. Diamonds that are cut in different shapes can have the same carat, but they may appear to be of different sizes.

Usually, a higher carat diamond is more expensive. The relationship between the carat and the value of the diamond is not linear. It is an exponential relationship. A diamond weighing half a carat will be worth much less than a diamond weighing a full carat.

More one carat diamond rings are sold than any other size making it a standard for most people. This is responsible for the inflation in price of one carat diamonds. Which is why a 0.93 carat diamond will cost much less than a 1 carat diamond, even when they look very similar to the naked eye.

As a matter of fact, any diamond between 0.8 and 1 carat will appear similar, if placed in a proper setting. So while you might wish to impress your loved one with a one carat diamond, there is opportunity to reduce your costs by getting something slightly smaller. 


The cut of the diamond for an engagement ring:

The way a diamond is cut will affect its sparkle. If a diamond is too shallow, light will escape out the bottom. If it is too deep, light goes out of the sides. The most sparkly diamonds are all round and brilliant. 92% of light will be reflected from the top surface of the diamond. 

Diamonds of an excellent cut are very expensive. But when you are purchasing an engagement ring online, go for a good cut. Poor or fair cut diamonds are relatively cheap and importantly they look cheap. But a good cut diamond differs very little from an excellent cut diamond. So when you are buying it is advisable to go with a good cut diamond rather than an expensive cut, unless money is not an issue for you.

Although there are a few coloured diamonds that are considered rare and expensive, in general a diamond that lacks colour is considered more precious. As a rule of thumb, the price of a diamond will decrease with the increase in colour.

The amount of colour in a diamond you can get away with is also related to the band that you choose. In general, the amount of colour in a diamond will not be easily noticeable when cased in a gold band. But when the same diamond is placed in a band of platinum or white gold, the colour becomes more noticeable.

Clarity of a diamond will influence its price. Diamonds are created under the earth by massive geological pressures that result in imperfections. This may result in cracks and chips to the diamond on a microscopic scale. While a jeweller will always try to sell to diamonds with high clarity, it is wise to consider buying diamonds that appear clean to the eye.


Setting of a diamond engagement ring

While the diamond forms a centre stone, a supporting setting can greatly add to the beauty of the diamond

The setting has two parts:



This is the band that encircles the finger, also known as band. It can be plain or ornate with grooves to hold smaller stones 


This is the metal structure to hold the diamond or the centre stone in place.

Also a high setting can lift the diamond higher, creating more dramatic appearance to the engagement ring. But they can get caught on things. A low setting is less dramatic, but offers more security.

Diamonds also come with third party certifications, which will provide some evidence to the quality of the diamond. If it is a particularly precious diamond, having a third party certificate will help with getting insurance.

If you are buying an uncertified diamond for your engagement ring, it is advisable to get the diamond appraised by an independent appraiser to determine its worth. This service will usually cost you around $50.


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