Granite countertops are undoubtedly a classy addition to your home. They are chic, beautiful and effortlessly stylish that adds a zing to your already decorated space. Even an otherwise nondescript area looks unbelievingly stylish with granite materials. But, if you are buying granite countertops all by yourself, you need to stick through several important guidelines.

1. Type of granite countertops- handmade or machine designed

Think about this. It’s a valuable investment and you should think where you want to invest. Machine made countertops can be effectively made rapidly, but they lack the finesse of the handmade items. Moreover, the edges of the machine designed things are blunt. And in terms of price, handmade countertops are expensive than those fabricated in machine. So, if you are looking for an economic choice, the machine items wins the bet. However, for a long term and more stylish solution, handmade countertops are simply matchless.

2. Think about the seams

You need to make sure that the fabricator you are using comes with a suction-automated seam machine. With it, the granite tops can be conveniently held in place and at the same time the seam’s finish will be much better. However, make sure that the granite pieces are fabricated individually. Assembled fabrication fails to give the desired finish.

3. Does the company do its own installs

Usually the large/popular warehouse do not fabricate or install. Most of them provide you designs and ideas. For an economic solution, look for the local suppliers always. They come with their own installation team. Moreover, hiring a local supplier will also have you the required support in your local area as per the needs. Also, a popular supplier out of the town is difficult to reach and they are also consistently unavailable. Get a local supplier who can also take care of the installs. This way you will be able to ward off inconveniences that might crop up in future.

4. What about the measurements

Always insist on using the three centimeters granite as they are tough and durable. It is less likely to break than 2-centimeter products. Though, the supplier insisted on using 2 centimeters products as these gets cheaper on their end, you should not get fooled by that. Also, focus on buying Brazilian or Italian granite only. Granites are mostly mined in Brazil or Italy, so taking these products means you are getting original pieces. You should always purchase the product from someone, who either own the mines or get the products directly exported from the mines. You can always ask the fabricator you have hired about the products he buys. Also ask him, if the products he is using are directly sourced from mines or from any third-party distributor. Some products come with quality assurance certificates. These are costly too, but worth your investment. Moreover, you can return these items, if they do not match your taste.

Keep these things in mind while buying granite countertops. There are some more considerations too, which actually differ from one person to another. Share with us, if you think we have missed out anything which you found a helpful tip.