With its elegant history, idle and bustling image, Beijing leaves lasting impression on all visitors. This capital of Mongols and Manchu dynasties and city of invaders pulses with vitality and contradiction. This second largest city in China has famous gardens, temples and many modern marvels. Additionally, it is home to world’s stunning structures and most innovative modern buildings including Galaxy Soho, CCTV Building and NCPA concert hall. All these points’ paint a rosy picture of this city, but there are few points that you should pay attention to. Take a look at those points:

1.       Don’t take illegal taxi

Avoid getting into non-registered taxi. In many cases, drivers pose as licensed drivers and approach travelers to hail cab. These cab drivers will charge double, and hotel and city attractions are their hotbeds. Some of these illegal taxi drivers operate with gangs as well, so beware.

2.       Avoid drinking tea with students

This is popular scam in this city where some educated students, especially girls, will approach visitor and try to get frank with them. They will tell that they are students and want to practice their English. In the mid of conversation, they will suggest to have cup of coffee, and doing this you will have to pay $100 dollars; because these girls, so-called students, are employed by cafes to attract customers.

3.       Don’t go to tourist attractions on national holidays

Beijing is most populated and preferred destinations of Chinese tourists. And, many tourist attractions are full with tourists on national holidays, so avoid visiting to tourist attraction on national holidays.

4.       Don’t take subway in rush hours

Being a large city and expensive to live in, millions of people come from long distances in public transports to go to work. It is advisable to avoid taking public transport between 7:30 AM and 9 AM and between 5:30 PM and 7 PM.  

5.       Confirm directions

If you have Google Map, then it is well and good. But in case you don’t have this app or can’t understand the directions, confirm the direction from few people before taking it.

How to reach here?                   


You can book Korean air tickets and reservations  and you will land at Beijing airport. From here you can start exploring this city. The best time to visit Beijing is autumn months, from September to November. So, make book you air tickets in these months only.