Croatia, an epicenter of memorable sailing experience, is the perfect place to visit this summer. Popularly known as the "Mediterranean Paradise," Croatia boasts crystal clear sea, great cultural and architectural heritage that dates back to medieval times, and a thousand islands. Refreshing sun, extreme fun, unpolluted turquoise water, delicious meals and beverages and short daytrips to the next island sums up what you'll experience in Croatia during your sailing trip. The thought of sailing in Croatia the whole stretch from the north, such as Pula, all the way to the south where you'll find wonderful coastal cities like Dubrovnik will actually blow your mind.

Berthing Your Boat

Whether you're after a real sailing experience, a romantic week with your newlywed wife, or a historic vacation with your extremely adventurous family members, Croatia offers it all. There are five principle ports that act as starting points for chattering namely, Pula, Dubrovnik, Split, Biograd, and Zadar. Again, there's a wide bandwidth of sailboats on offer depending on which parts of the country you'd like see. All the boats available are broken down into for broad categories - monohull, catamaran, bareboat, and crewed. The most important thing you need to know is how to tie your boat. During your research about anchoring styles and mooring, you probably came across med mooring or anchoring off stern-to with a landline. Well, in Croatia you'll get the much needed practical experience. You might even learn more weird ways of berthing your boat.

The Famous Croatia Rally

This famous sailing tournament is usually held in August each year, thanks to the financial support of the dedicated chartering companies. If having a planned route and friendly racing between different islands grabs your attention, then the Croatia Rally might be for you. The objective of holding this sailing tournament is to give all participants an opportunity to see and admire wonderful sights and sounds on offer. Therefore, the races are usually short so that everyone can compete in a very friendly manner.

Doing effective route planning and scheduling could really complement rally experience. To and from your luxurious accommodation facility every day, appetizing Croatian foods and drinks, friendly locals, and prize giving at the end of the tournament! The rally provides you with an in depth approach and knowledge of the culture in Croatia. Whether included into the route or not, you'll have an opportunity of seeing all the beautiful sports available and if your boat develops any problem, then there's a standby rally engineer to fix it immediately.

Which Time of the Year is Best to Visit Croatia?

You should consider visiting the Croatia coast between April and October because this is the period when the summer sea temperatures average 26 degrees. High season (July and August) provides plenty of excitement and entertainment to guests eager for a sailing holiday. There are also many peaceful and quiet places for guests looking for sailing sites far away from the loud music of the disco clubs. In the winter period be sure to carry heavy clothes. Again, the strong winds could drastically reduce the amount of time you'll spend on water.