An important (and challenging) part of running a restaurant is constantly remaining relevant. We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world and it is important to be aware of these changes, particularly when it comes to technology. Through it, new and innovative marketing tools such as social media have been introduced, offering new ways for businesses to reach out to their audience. If you turn a blind eye, you will miss out.Today, competition is stiff, and there is going to always be someone else trying to surpass you. If you let them, they will. So if your restaurant has not been doing as well as it should be as of late, perhaps a renovation is in order, and not just the brick and mortar kind. Spruce things up from the inside out and start afresh.

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Introduce Online Offers

Probably 90% of the population is now online. We are in the midst of the digital age, which means that your restaurant too needs to be heavily involved online. If you are not too savvy with it, then you should give yourself a crash course. It is not too complicated at all. All you need to do is create a few social media platforms, and ensure you religiously update it regularly so your audience will be kept alerted. This allows your brand to remain relevant as well. Make use of this opportunity to introduce online offers. You could even make them solely online offers for a while, until you get traction. Afterwards, you can use it in a marketing mix.

Talk about the Area

If for instance yours is one of many restaurants Liverpool, then think out-of-the-box and do something different when it comes to promotional material. Many restaurants put up posts about their dishes, chefs, ingredients and so on which are all pretty much a given. People expect these posts, so they would perhaps be mildly interested, but certainly not jolted awake. Why not come up with something else, and maybe consider talking about the area instead? Give an introduction to Liverpool, its people and history. Just remember not to ramble, people are busy today and only have a minute or two to spare.

Have Competitions

Depending on your capabilities, come up with competitions where you will pick a winner on a weekly or monthly basis. People absolutely love freebies (even if they do not typically go to the place), so capitalise on this. Come up with creative ways to offer your customers something from your restaurant, and make sure to take into account things like seasonal offers as well such as during Christmas, New Year and Easter for instance. There are so many places you can look at for inspiration.

Change Up the Décor


If you are on a tight budget, you need not stress about going over the top. Actually, there is no need to go overboard at any point unless you really must. Keep things simple and to the point. Sometimes, changing up the lamp shades, re-carpeting and fixing up the table décor is all it takes to give the restaurant a whole new look and feel, so give it a shot.