Breast feeding is one of the best way of ensuring that your child grows up healthy and strong. This is because a mother’s milk contains all the right nutrients that the baby’s body requires to grow and be capable of fighting off diseases.


Breast feeding babies directly is not the number one choice of many mothers and especially those leading a modern life. There are possibilities of your breasts sagging after breastfeeding and the baby can even bite the breast while suckling. For reasons like these, most mothers prefer to use breast pumps to get the milk and then feed their children from a bottle. This way they are able to reap a lot of benefits for both themselves and their babies. There are different types of Medela breast pumps and it is up to you to decide whether you want to use an electric or manual one. The benefits that come with the use of these breast pumps include the following:


•Mother’s Safety While Pumping 

When you are pumping the milk from your breasts, you need to make sure that the pump you are using is safe. There are many manufacturers and you could find a design that leaves you with sore nipples when you are done pumping milk. The Medela breast pumps are designed such that they are gentle on your breast and they will make you feel like you are having your delicate child suckling. They are also made in such a way that you can increase the suckling or reduce it if you are having problems with your breasts while pumping. The suckling pump can be made to rotate to make sure that it does not exert excess pressure to the woman’s breasts.



Both a single and working mother will always be busy at times and that might make breastfeeding their babies as much as they would like very hard. Since the mother’s milk contains nutrient sand proteins that the baby really needs, it is wise to ensure that the baby always gets the fair share of milk on a daily basis. Using a Medela milk storage bag will come in handy when you need to go to work or travel without your child. You will just pump enough milk to feed the baby till you get back home from wherever you will have left for. This will not only ensure that your child stays well fed but will also give you the peace of mind while you are out there working.


•Great Accessories to Ease the Process 

Using a breast pump is very convenient for you as a mother and it is made even easier by the features and accessories that it comes with. When you purchase a Medela breast pump, you not only get a bag to store the milk, but you are also given a lotion to rub your nipples in case they get sore due to pumping. You also get some pads and breast covers to ensure that you do not spill milk when not pumping for milk.


The use of a breast pump is very vital especially to the modern woman due to the busy life that they lead. Unlike some time back where women were to stay at home while the husband went out to look for money, the use of a medela breast pump will help you to be able to work without wondering what the help is feeding to your child.