Pan China officially delivered a car sensor and target wheel magnetization and final inspection comprehensive test system for a customer. Based on the 'flexible test' technology, the system is designed to optimize the test solution Sensor of the target wheel magnetization, magnetization wheel inspection and automobile crankshaft sensor. System function is perfect, stable and reliable performance, simple operation, high test precision, fast test speed, can meet the sensor production line for a long time, mass production testing needs.

     The system consists of magnetization wheel feeding station, magnetizing wheel magnetization and final inspection station, magnetized wheel unloading station, magnetization wheel coding station and sensor detection station 5 station, key test items Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor meet MSA test requirements, and To meet the difference in target wheel magnetization. The main interface of the test can display real-time test environment parameters, test items, test status, test waveform and pass rate, user-friendly, simple operation.

Compared with the traditional single car crankshaft / camshaft sensor test, the system has the following advantages:

The magnetization of the magnetized wheel and the final inspection, and integrated sensor final inspection, can maximize the sharing of hardware resources, such as mechanical structure, coding machine, to achieve cost optimization; in addition to the sensor required by the manual feeding, From the feeding to the material completely automatic completion, greatly reducing the manual input, reducing the risk of manual operation, saving labor costs; sensor independent of the magnetized wheel detection, to ensure the accuracy of the sensor test; magnetization wheel, sensor testing are used Temperature Sensor modules Design, can quickly change the type, compatible with the follow-up products to ensure product consistency and system versatility; sensor final inspection module designed to be compatible with the existing terminal, the use of resources to optimize.