It’s unimaginable to run a business without computer assistance in the modern day. When we were first introduced to it, data was sufficiently stored on individual desktops and word processors. As time progressed, so did data storage, and the intranet was born – allowing companies housed in the same building to share files. This was shortly followed by the internet, which opened up the business world to an infinite amount of opportunities and avenues to explore, and with these opportunities and avenues, came more data usage and the need for better data storage. Cloud data storage is a solution to big businesses data storage and protection problems in the modern age, here are three reasons why your business needs the cloud…  


Better Security:


In the modern age, everything is technologically connected, from work smartphones, to laptops, to tablets and desktops. Every additional device used to access data leaves a company at the risk of being accessed by other people. For example, if your work laptop is lost or stolen, all of the sensitive information and data can be accessed by whoever is in possession of it. Cloud data security allows a company to store all of their important data onto a secure server that cannot be accessed by a third party.


Better Collaboration:


If you are collaborating with a colleague or a client on a project, then sending files back and forth via email can be a little bit of a nightmare. This can fill up your desktop data memory up with all of the various project files. With the cloud, you are able to seamlessly collaborate over clients.


Better Expenditure:


A problem that many businesses face is the issue of data hoarding, which happens when companies hold on to every single bit of data they produce. It’s important to firstly be organised, and to also have a system that can accommodate for large amounts of data and file storing.


Having the right managed it services for your business can make everything more seamless, easier and accessible, which in the long run will make your business more profitable.