Long hours at the office, a summer of overindulging and a sedentary lifestyle are all factors that can wreak havoc on your overall levels of fitness and general wellbeing. If your diet and exercise regimes are out of balance, chances are you’ll wake up feeling slow, sluggish and lacking in motivation – seeing you reach to stimulants such as caffeine, or the quick pick me ups found in chocolate and candies for an instant boost in your blood sugar levels. Overhauling your health and wellness doesn’t require a massive lifestyle change; in fact, it’s so easy to do that you won’t need to make huge sacrifices to see those all-important results. Check out these three simple hacks and get your fitness back on track in no time.

morning walk

Move More

It’s a fairly simple equation, but if you take in more calories than you burn off then you’re bound to gain weight. Yet, even if you and your family love your food and hearty eating then don’t be disheartened. Try and incorporate some level of exercise into your daily routine. You don’t need to invest in expensive gadgets to make changes to your fitness levels. Why not go jogging with work colleagues or walk the kids to the store instead of taking the car? Even the family pets can get involved, and benefit from a new and improved fitness routine for all.

eat well

Eat Well

Nutrition begins at home, and more importantly in the kitchen. Are you indulging in too many takeouts, or perhaps you’ve had a string of family parties to attend? Take time to review what you’re eating and make a few small changes to your diet – do you really need that extra piece of cake or slice of cheese? Hardcore caffeine fans could try cutting down their daily cups too. Remember, nutrition and lifestyle change is part of a health and wellness journey. Small changes will yield great results.

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take time out

Take Time Out

We all think we’re good at taking time out, right? Wrong! Time out means you should be completely disconnecting from modern life, turning off your cell phone, unplugging your laptop and making me-time top of your priorities. Why not try picking up a good book, catching up with friends or family? Perhaps you’re blessed with a range of trail hikes and routes on your doorstep that are just waiting for you to explore? Now is the time to give your mental health a much-needed check-up too.

Just incorporating these few simple tricks into your daily routine should help improve your fitness levels and mood. Why not give it a try today?