However, there are plenty of solutions that may make the entire process of decorating on a budget, a child’s play. You only have to find the right products and the right suppliers and half of the job is done. Below we have some items and pieces of advice that will make the whole process a lot easier.


Wall art is the key

If your walls have a boring appearance and you want to refresh your home, simply find some great wall art and start mixing, matching and combining it. Find the right supplier, like Otomo wall art, first. You must start searching for those online stores with a vast offer, with various pieces of wall art, so you can order your entire batch of wall art at once. For instance, find a store that has wall stickers, wall art sets and posters, for a greater visual impact. Depending on each room, try to mix and match various elements. An amazing idea, if you like abstract art, would be to order two sets of three posters each, and mix them in order to achieve an abstract set. In your children’s bedrooms you can easily stick some art and change it as they grow and their visual taste changes. For areas of high interest, such as living rooms, try to integrate some canvas wall art. It will certainly change the visual dynamic of the room and make it look fresh and new.

Plants, plants, plants

Many are still surprised of how much can plants change the appearance of a room, but these small green elements are to change a simple, boring room into a livelier and fresh one. If you feel like your room could use a little more life, pants are the solution that you’re searching for. You don’t have to invest in expensive, exotic plants. First of all, they might not even survive in your apartment or home. Invest in simple ones, such as water lilies. These are amazing, have flowers throughout the year, regardless of the season and taking care of these is a child’s play.

Pillows always do a great job

Adding some decorative pillows in the general design of your home is another inexpensive and effective way to turn the favours on your side. Pillows add to the cosiness feeling and make your home look and feel more welcoming, come at attractive prices, not to mention designs. General stores usually retail a large variety of these and you can always change them as your taste changes as well.

These are three simple ways in which you can make your home feel fresh, cosy and welcoming, without declaring bankruptcy afterwards. Your bank account will thank you, and your home will certainly look amazing with these small, simple improvements. Only make sure to find the right suppliers.