Imagine this: your significant other is a heavy sleeper. And no matter how many times you call them, they just won’t come out of bed in time. Sometimes you give up calling them and let them get late for their errands. After all, you have other things to do as well.

It is important to note that your significant other probably has two issues. First, they may not be a morning person. That means they probably won’t wake up until in the late hours of the early morning. Second, your significant other is probably a heavy sleeper who needs all possible help they can get to wake up on time. Following is how you can help them to wake up on time.

1. Use an Alarm Clock for Deep Sleepers

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Now, alarm clocks that are designed for deep sleepers aren’t the traditional clocks. Rather, they are the loudest clocks ever. Given that they go out loudly, they can shake your significant other out of bed, no matter how deep asleep they may be.

2. Play Loud Music in the House

Do you know that loud music can help to wake a deep sleeper up? Yes, it can. We know that extremely loud music is equal to noise. And, too much noise is almost always disturbing. With that said, playing loud music in the bedroom should wake someone up. Although playing loud musicfor someone who is still sleeping can annoy the person, they will be grateful that you helped them to wake up.

To make the loud music less annoying, it might be a good idea to play a track from your significant other’s playlist.

3. The Snatch Blanket Technique

The snatch your blanket technique is one of my favorite approach to waking up my 12-year-old daughter. Here is one it works:

v  First, you open the bedroom windows, and let the cold air in. If the person sleeping hasn’t covered their head, they’ll begin to respond to the cold.

v  Second, grab their blanket away from them. You could bring it with you to your bedroom. They will feel the cold and get out of bed fast.

Because you do not want to come back to the bedroom to drag them out of bed again, consider leaving an alarm clock for heavy sleepersringing. Make sure you set it to snooze in case the sleeper decides to turn it off the first round. 

Final Thoughts


Keep in mind that a deep sleeper won’t get used to waking up early within a day’s time. They will need time to adjust. With time, they will be able to take control of the how much they sleep. In the end, you won’t have to bother waking them up because they will do so on their own.