The throttle is the throat of the car engine, located in the middle of the air filter and intake manifold, is used to control the air into the engine a controllable valve, depress the depth of the throttle directly related to the throttle opening, so idle , Power and other performance and throttle cleaning is very relevant. Throttle can Sensor be divided into two categories, one is by pulling the line to control that semi-mechanical semi-electronic throttle, and now the car has been rarely used. The other is through the sensor to the signal that is all electronic throttle, through the computer, with the intake air and sensor angle to calculate the throttle opening angle, and now most of the models are used this type.

  As the engine crankcase ventilation and activated carbon cans solenoid valve, will be a small amount of gasoline vapor to the throttle, throttle attached to the oil and gasoline, will continue to adhere to dust. In normal terms, the throttle valve does not produce carbon deposits. Generally, the main reason for the accumulation of carbon in the inlet or the inside of the engine is due to the fact that the engine is in the working stroke In the exhaust gas flow is reciprocating, not only in the intake air will be in the air when the valve will overlap when the gas back Temperature Sensor to the inlet lead to carbon deposition, and the most important point is the throttle in front of the crankshaft Box forced ventilation, crankcase ventilation will be the crankcase of the exhaust gas through the valve again into the cylinder combustion, which also led directly to the throttle dirty.

   On how long the throttle cleaning time, and there is no strict restrictions, which with the car habits and the environment has a great relationship, dirty to wash. From the point of view, when the emergence of idle instability and other circumstances, it should be considered for cleaning. Usually recommended the owner about 20,000 km to carry out cleaning, of course, different models of different circumstances, some cars throttle easily dirty, serious seven or eight kilometers need to clean is not uncommon.

Where the EFI car, as long as the engine is not the case of load, neutral, thump throttle on the 3000 rpm, and then suddenly oil, pay attention to watch the speed gauge pointer!

1, when the pointer quickly fell to 1000 to 1200 rpm, the pointer will be slightly paused, and then fell to 800 or so, idling stability, when the throttle is completely normal!

2, when the pointer quickly fell to 800 or so quickly to stabilize, throttle is dirty, but still do not need to clean, but also belong to the basic normal!

3, when the pointer quickly fell directly to 800 or even 700 rpm, and then slowly rose to 800 or so, idling follow from small to large, so do not congratulate you, throttle has been serious dirt, you need to immediately wash!

4, when the idle state, the tachometer is unstable, high and low, indicating that the throttle too dirty, need cleaning.

  For the EFI car, when the engine is not loaded, the throttle release valve, ECU will automatically stop the fuel injection; when the speed dropped to 1000 ~ 1200 rpm, (this specific parameters set by the ECU to restore spray Oil points, and then gradually reduced to idle fuel injection. Form a buffer, and will not turn off. Cleaning the way the throttle is nothing more than washing and cleaning and two types of cleaning. Wash and wash a good understanding, is to remove the throttle assembly, the technician with a special cleaning agent to clean the internal throttle of pollutants, and then install the recovery, so the effect of cleaning more thoroughly. Free cleaning, and some are directly lazy, do not remove ABS Sensor the throttle assembly directly with a cleaning agent to clean, this cleaning is not complete and not safe. The other is commonly known as the 'hanging bottle', the engine running in the engine inlet by the 'bottle' continued spray cleaning agent, although the cleaning time-consuming but simple operation, and generally are a variety of effects, such as cleaning The throttle can also clean the inlet; cleaning throttle can not dismantle, but must be steamed into the sealed parts of the clean, the idle motor must be removed to be able to clean, nozzle cleaning and cleaning Demolition of the pros and cons, under normal circumstances the maintenance station recommended free washable, to prevent the emergence of other unnecessary waste, such as the need to replace the seal after the replacement or some other gasket installation, or in the disassembly process leakage, leakage Gas and other phenomena delay the owner of the time.

   Long time does not wash the throttle will lead to the throttle opening error, and will lead to impurity into the engine combustion chamber, the two results can lead to abnormal engine work, mainly for the idle instability, driving suddenly Throttle feeling, power will decline, even when it will cause difficulties and increase fuel consumption.