Throttle control the size of the car into the gas, the greater the amount of air intake ECU control the greater the amount of fuel injection, the greater the energy after the explosion, to promote the piston to accelerate the movement, to play the role Sensor of control of the engine speed, it can be called the car 'Throat', the car accelerates the spirit is not flexible, idle stable and unstable, all by its decision. Throttle position, generally installed in the rear of the engine, most of them are silver.

   Combustion requires combustibles, ignition sources, and air, throttle to control the size of the car into the air, to block the air into the cylinder how much is done by the throttle valve. When you screw the throttle, the throttle card head to tighten the throttle to pull the line, the other side of the throttle pull the throttle on the semi-circular wheel, semi-circular wheel rotation to promote the throttle valve inside the throttle valve rotation, reduce the blocking area, so that more The air into the fact that we have been saying Suction Control Valve that the throttle is actually controlled by the valve. Some throttle removed will find a throttle valve on a small hole, or can not be completely closed, this is a normal phenomenon, are for the car in the case of idle air can also be normal into the cylinder, and the number of each cylinder Different, the throttle will have more cylinder situation.

   Throttle valve also integrates throttle position sensor and intake air temperature sensor, most of the cars are now using the EFI system, throttle position sensor to detect the size of the throttle valve closed, intake air temperature sensor to detect the intake air temperature, both of them The information transmitted to the ECU, calculated by the ECU control the amount of fuel injection, to mix the most appropriate mixture of oil and gas concentration. Part of the car riding a 20,000 km or so, there may be idle instability, idling when the flame, speed is not smooth, or loose oil after the speed does not come, a great chance of throttle dirty, and every time maintenance vehicles are Replace the air filter, throttle dirty with the riding environment, the surrounding dust, although there is air filter filter, but still there will be a small leaky dust, of course, poor quality air filter will exacerbate Temperature Sensor the dirty situation, the quality is poor Oil evaporation is also one of the reasons for the dirty, even if the number of good oil will be some evaporation phenomenon, evaporation through the crankcase and impurities mixed, stick to the throttle.

  Since the throttle dirty dirty so much harm, then it is necessary to carry out maintenance cleaning, if dirty on the new, will be a bit waste. Throttle maintenance when a lot of people are lazy, the air filter removed the fire, on the throttle valve cleaning agent cleaning, so cleaning has a great drawbacks. The back is not necessarily clean, dirty things and carburetor cleaning agent into the combustion chamber, is not a good thing. Throttle sensors within the more fragile, carburetor cleaning agent is easy to damage the sensor, the sensor sensor error is easy to let the idle high, although the EFI system has a certain adaptive function. So easy to cause residue after cleaning, residual cleaning agent on the throttle corrosion is more serious.

  In the cleaning of the throttle when using a dedicated throttle cleaning agent, it is not the use of gasoline cleaning is also a good choice, as soon as possible after cleaning with air pump blown throttle, and then installed back Speed Sensor to the engine. The intake system is also vital for motorcycles, the equivalent of the human lungs, but many riders are often the easiest to ignore the replacement of air filters, as well as the throttle cleaning, but only to their car replacement all synthetic Oil.