On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of Tiida TIIDA, as a 'new generation of dynamic hatchback' for the urban youth, Tiida TIIDA insight into the needs of young people, for the 'movement of people' Sensor to create an innovative test drive will - Tiida TIIDA up to three Challenge.
   In China's first cross-country marathon track features Changchun Jingyuetan National Forest Park, up to three challenges kicked off. Three Challenges In the concept of 'Triathlon' relay, known as the 'most challenging' international sport project, the 'car' element is incorporated into the ' Oil race ',' riding ',' endurance run 'three projects, fun and challenging. Up to three fuel-efficient race track set in Jingyuetan Lake Road, mileage of nearly 20 km. September Jingyuetan National Forest Park autumn, there are still many social vehicles on the road and tourists hang around. In a considerable Speed Sensor urban conditions, how to run out of low fuel consumption, as all the players to solve the problem.
   Ultimately, Tiida TIIDA ran out of the lowest 5.0L fuel consumption, which is quite good results. With the combination of the new HR16 engine and the new XTRONIC CVT continuously variable transmission, Tiida TIIDA is very good at this stage, not only in the driving process to output a strong driving force, but also brought outstanding fuel economy, won the participants Of praise. Race through the road for the two-lane, the road width is narrow, plus corners, traffic flow is not small, in addition to the need to control fuel consumption, the car's handling performance is also a test. Tiida equipped with high-rigidity stability of the rod with a high-performance suspension, so that when the car Throttle Position Sensor in the corner with a smaller body roll, to improve the stability of the body when the high-speed change, turn the sticky sense of stronger, able to allow drivers calm Deal with twists and turns.

After the end of the first section of the fuel economy, the players began to enter the individual race, including 6 km of the race and 8 km of endurance run. For regular athletes, this is just a daily compulsory course, very simple. Although the stage mileage is not long, but due to the ups and downs of the highway around the lake is obvious, especially after the slope is significantly increased, riding and running the difficulty also increases.