No matter what kind of event you might be holding, whether it be a cocktail party, a wedding reception or a birthday celebration, there is always the pressure of making the event a good one. Whether it’s the food, the music, or including a little something special to make your party a talking point, there is plenty that you can do to give you that leg-up. We’ve gathered some of the best tips for hosting a successful and memorable event. 


One sure-fire way to make your events memorable is by adding features that your guests can get involved with or talk about. Whether your sophisticated cocktail party in the country needs an ice sculpture, or you need the best photobooth hire Essex has to offer for a casual get together, having a feature like that can be worthwhile. While you’ll have guests that won’t be interested, there’ll be plenty of others who find themselves drawn to something that makes your party stand out from the crowd.


Catering is one of the most important things to consider when planning your event. Think about your budget, and how much the food will cost per head. Catering is the most likely to receive feedback, good or bad, so it’s important to pay close attention to what you have to offer and what you can do to make it stick in people’s minds just that little bit more. Speak to caterers if you plan on using them, ask them what your budget will be able to get you and plan accordingly. If you’re cooking your own food, plan for every eventuality. Make sure there is plenty of food to go around, and extra for anyone that might walk in as a plus one.


It goes without saying that no event is an event without people that attend. However, picking the right people to invite can be the difference between a successful, memorable event and one that completely flops. If you have the facility to, make sure that everyone that might need to be there is there, and then make room for extras. If it’s an office party, send around an email to everyone in your contact list. If it’s a personal party, invite all those closest to you, and then offer them all a plus one. If you are holding a small event, however, consider who will benefit more from going to the event, and who you might benefit from being there.

Make your events fun!

This might seem like an obvious point, but making your events fun also makes them memorable. A business event can have a dance floor, and it can actually make things that little bit more successful. Having fun with your peers will build relationships and break the ice. It can mean the difference between an event just like any other, and an event that will be talked about around the office for weeks to come – even if it’s just because your co-worker got so drunk they had to be carried home!

Give your event a purpose.

Giving your event a purpose not only gives people a reason to actually attend, but it can create a whole new feeling to the event as a whole. When people are enthusiastic and determined, the party will take on a whole new life, and ultimately make things easier on you. Guests that feel as though there is a purpose to the party will often take responsibility for their own fun and experience, leaving you to focus on the food, drinks, music, and other little things to make your event the most memorable of the season.