A sharp radiating pain in buttock, shoulder, arm or leg can be an indication of bulging disc in back or neck. Do you suffer with similar experience? If yes, then you should not delay your appointment with specialist of herniated disc treatment Greenville for even a single day. They will examine your physical condition, discuss your pain history and suggest ways to alleviate this shooting pain. Herniated or bulging disc is the condition when the inner part of the disc bulges out and irritates the adjoining nerve that causes achy pain. Depending on the affected nerve, it can pain in either part of the spine and is accompanied by loss of sensation and numbness. This is common in the people that belong to 30-50 age group.

While surgery is suggested in the severe cases by the doctors practicing herniated disc treatment Cary, there are some common treatments for relieving the pain of herniated disc which should be tried for restoring pain less life.

  1.  Maintain correct positions. Your postures and body language determine your spinal health. Bending the wrong ways and lifting heavy things up can worsen the situation. If you have not been in an accident, you can blame your bad sitting, standing, walking and sleeping postures for your painful life. See physical therapist and make sure he works in collaboration with your physician so as to derive the fastest results.
  2. Meditate mindfully.Keeping you mind calm and stress free is magically helpful to relieve inflammation and pain. There are many benefits of focusing on breathing but in context of herniated disc pain it does wonders. Don’t wait for an ideal place to sit and get into meditation, you can do it anywhere as long as it is a comfortable position and you manage to focus in your breathing. Other times listen to good and soothing music and think positive; all will help you fight with your pain.
  3.  Manipulation with chiropractic advice. Various kinds of manual manipulations can treat your pain and inflammation. It is suiting tons of people as it is not as scary as surgery and produces fast results too.