You knew that age was coming. So it is not surprising if you don’t look or move the same way you did 20 years ago. But, if you are single, healthy, and full of life, get back to the dating game.


As a baby boomer, the chances of finding love are high. First, you were born in the mid-1946 and mid-1964 when fertility rates reached record highs. But as you may know, the process of finding love is a challenge.


For 50+ men, you have more options than women, but dating your age is more beneficial. A failed relationship doesn't qualify you to date younger. A wrinkle-free face, athletic build, doesn't make a perfect partner.


It is true that women above 40's find have lower chances of finding love online. Emails may go unanswered; computer generated matches may not exactly give you an ideal man, but there are plenty of fish in the over 50 dating pool.


How to Navigate the Online Dating World?


There are millions of single men and women waiting for you, therefore, ensure that you're prepared for a new relationship. If you still recovering from the loss of a partner or divorce, take is slow. Settle unresolved issues, but if the wait is too long, age might catch up. Don't wait till your late 50s or 60s.


When you ready to start, there are many online dating sites available targeting every niche. There are sites for dog owners, horse lovers, Jewish sites; therefore, do your research well. You can start by visiting over 50 dating sites. One of the biggest sites is with millions of users from all over the world.


When navigating the online dating for the first time; enlist the help of your friends and family. They will contribute in creating an appealing online profile. You will need help choosing the right photo, inputting the right age, income, and your ‘deal breakers.’


Avoid Deal Breakers


A tip for the ladies, if you specify the average income of prospective men, for example, $150,000, you will annoy a lot of them. Most men classify this as a deal breaker, and you're looking for love, not financial support. Be particular on the activities you like, go beyond 'likes going to the movies' present an attractive personality.


Avoid Making Comparisons


After creating a profile, you will get instant recommendations, on suitable matches. When choosing a future romantic prospect don't discriminate based superficial properties, and avoid comparing two people side by side.


Be cautious since some users may have malicious intentions. If you're meeting for a date, select a safe public setting, a coffee shop or restaurant is ideal. Also, don’t probe your date like a detective, but ask the meaningful questions. But, be clear on the first date on what you're looking for in a potential partner.


If the first attempt is unsuccessful; online dating gives you multiple chances to find love. Keep at it and don't quit early. Eventually, you will find a single you can build a life with.