Whether you’ve gone through a divorce or you’re a widow(er) over 50, you may be looking at jumping into the dating world again. Dating has no age limits and you don’t want to spend the rest of your years alone. The problem for many singles over 50 is the feeling of anxiety. There are a lot of people in your life to consider. Just how will your children and grandchildren take to you dating again?


It’s worth remembering that this is your life. You need to be happy and sometimes that means dating again. As long as you’re ready, you can overcome the dating anxiety. Join a dating app or dating site is a good idea, such as TinderOver50 - the best dating app for over 50. Here are four top tips for single grandparents to overcome their fears and worries.


Remain Open-Minded at All Times

It’s easy to start focusing on the negatives. You worry that you’re too old to date again or that other people will judge. You’ll be surprised that most people do want you to be happy. Sure, they want you to be safe, but your happiness is also important to them.

Keep an open-mind while dating. Be optimistic and positive at all times. You’ll find it easier to brush off any rejection and be able to take conversations to the next stage.


Stop Thinking Too Much About the Future

Don’t worry about what three or five years down the line will bring you. As a single grandparent, you want to live in the moment. Think about the right now and appreciate and enjoy everything you currently have. Don’t make too many plans for the years to come.

Sure, you can save up for events and think about the odd thing, but you want to limit your future thinking. This is especially the case when dating. Live for the right now and you’ll find you enjoy your dates far more.


Get Into the Over 50 Dating Sites

Many over 50s worry about jumping into a world that is usually taken over by youngsters. You can feel like you’re not going to find anybody interested in you. This leads to many people fearing that they’re better off alone.

The best thing you can do is look in the right place. There are now many more dating sites and apps aimed at the over 50s. People on here are looking for someone their own age, just like you. They want to share the experiences they’ve live and focus on their own happiness.


You can find it easier dating people around your own age, because of your life experiences. You can find other single grandparents who have the same fears and dating anxieties. When you find people in the same position as you, you will find it easier to relax on the dates.


Practice Mindfulness and Calming Techniques

Whether you’re worried about making the first move or anxious about an upcoming date, you’ll need to take steps to ease your mental state. Your anxiety will show through and can stop you being able to move on with the date.


One of the best things you can do is practice mindfulness and calming techniques. Meditation is one of the best calming techniques. You can focus on your breathing, which helps to improve oxygen to your brain and calm your nerves. Even just deep breathing techniques can help, especially during your dates.



Don’t focus on everything that can go wrong. This will just hold you back from signing up to dating profiles and connecting you with others. By taking control of your dating anxiety, you can find love. There are others out there looking for a single grandparent just like you.