Whichever volunteer program you decide to go with, it is always wise that you check them out first to see if they offer what you are looking for. When you get activities that you are familiar with, you will not only have an easy time but you will also have time doing it.

When on is volunteering their time of expertise to help others, it is never a competition of who offers more or not. However, it is good that when you decide to volunteer abroad, you give the program your all. You will not only achieve more, but you also feel great when you know that you gave all you had to help out other people. For example, if you volunteer in Costa Rica on a teaching or even coaching volunteer program, you should not abandon your responsibilities to go out sight seeing. Teach and coach to the best of your ability when you are supposed to be doing so. To improve the level of your service delivery, you need to be focused on what you are doing. The following are some tips that you can use to help you be a better volunteer:

• Proper Preparation 

Preparing for a volunteer program properly will only lead to you doing your job exceptionally when you finally go on the trip. If you want to be able to offer you very best, you need to contact the organization that you will be working with and find out exactly what you will be doing. Eric Orlando said:

“If you are coming to Costa Rica I highly suggest at least a basic knowledge and understanding of Spanish before coming.”

If you are going to be teaching, you should ask for the material so that you can be preparing. To volunteer in Costa Rica is not such a bad idea especially since it is a place that you can visit as an individual without and fear due to the good security. 

• Choosing the Right Program 

When it comes to helping out, it is best that you go for the profession or activity that you are capable of doing well. Choosing a volunteer abroad program that you are not well versed in is not a wise decision; you not only waste your time, but everyone else’s. Sean Schuttler said:

“I did the construction project for three weeks. It was a really cool project because I was really able to see the impact that I had when the house started to come together.”

If you are going to volunteer in Costa Rica and you are more of an indoors professional, it is not wise to try and go for outdoor activities that you re not good at. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, it would be best to do that on the weekends or at after you are done with your allocated work.

• Willingness to Volunteer 

The other thing that you require in order to become the very best volunteer you can be is to be willing to help out. It does not really matter if you have millions of dollars in the bank, if you are not willing to help you won’t. When you go to volunteer in Costa Rica or any other country, you need to be willing if you are to succeed. April Leonard said:

“I’m not so sure what I, myself had expected to gain from this trip but I know I gained so many great memories and experiences I never thought possible.”

Volunteering is not a race about who has done what and how often they do it, but one of improving others lives while empowering your own in the process. If you volunteer in Costa Rica, there is definitely something new that you will learn from the natives you mingle with.