For seniors, going online to start dating again is certainly a daunting thought. It was not long ago that the traditional methods of dating which was going out and meeting new people was commonplace. Today, even senior dating is shifting to where most people can be found which is in the online world. It’s understandable that seniors, especially those not all that familiar with the internet, may be reluctant to start dating again online, but with the many mature dating sites available, the opportunities are far greater than traditional dating provides.

What are Senior Dating Sites?

Online senior dating sites for over 60 are like standard dating sites in terms of how they work. You usually can join for free, upload information about yourself that includes photos, interests, and general location, and then you can explore the rest of the site and send out small messages to those you find interesting. Although registration is free, most sites have monthly membership fees which are paid in advance so you are not bound by a contract.

Once you have established contact with someone who is interested in you, there is a chat or message system you can use to communicate to one another until you feel interested enough to meet this person or do not believe it can work out. It’s straightforward, but there are some tips that you should keep in mind to increase your chances of finding that special someone.

Tips for Senior Online Dating

The first tip is to be honest which means uploading a photo of yourself that was taken in the past six months. The last thing you want is any surprises when meeting what you think might be the right person, so be kind and return the favor.


  • Go Slow, but Steady: The fear of the unknown is a good thing. It helps keep your perspective on expectations and warns you of possible danger. However, it should not slow you down or make the decisions for you when you use online dating services. So, go at your own pace, but keep going and do not let the fear of the unknown hold you back.


  • Interest & Expectations: Just because you share some of the same interests does not mean that they are right for you. There are other factors that you should consider such as their available time outside their work and any other potential complication. This helps to set your expectations better so you can have a more realistic idea of what they are like.


  • Meet at a Public Place: When you are ready to meet, make it a short lunch date at a popular place or perhaps meet at a museum or park. Keep the time down to an hour so you can get to know one another a little better while keeping things in perspective. If everything goes well, then you can set up your next date. If not, well, it only cost you an hour or so of your time.


Over 60 dating and over 70 dating are much like traditional dating once you decide to meet. Just take it slow and start from there.