There are numerous options from which you can choose the most appealing photo booth for your extravaganza. Recently it has been observed that many event managers and DJs have also understood the relevance of photo booths in present times and so, many of such event planners might even offer you a beautiful photo booth within your package. Graffiti wall photo booths have become the most popular photo booths because of their vivid designs, colours and patterns. To hire the perfect photo booth for your wedding party, take a look at the below expert tips.


  1. Ensure yourself about the quality- Photo booths are expensive affairs, and therefore they should be selected keeping all the important aspects in your mind. The quality of the booth, monitors, designs, and photographs should be checked beforehand. You would not want to spend tons of money on a prop which won’t be able to produce useful results. Photo booths are hired to click lovely pictures with the family and friends that could be looked back after ten or twenty years of marriage and still be cherished. Make sure that the booth you hire prints the best in quality pictures which would last longer.


  1. Personalisation is a perk- Many companies would try to make a fool of you by saying that they have expertise in customisation and they will be providing you everything you ask for. In reality, they will give you their general designs and captions on the photo strips which will not be customised. Will the inside of the tent be gloomed up and coloured as per your specifications? Will the photographs be printed and styled the way you asked for? These are a few questions which you must gain clarity on before you hire a company for your wedding affair.


  1. Is the company reliable?- The number and scale of events done by your preferred company play a vital role in their selection. Hiring a start up company is a risky decision which should be taken in some other event but not for a wedding. You would want to hire a company who stick to their promises, has good experience in the field, has worked at different scales and who can provide you top quality services. Inspecting about the company on online search engines or from their past clients can be an efficient way of making the right decision.


  1. Check the props and booth- It's the props and the costumes which make a photo booth experience fun and exciting. While you are hiring a photo booth, look for the kind and amount of props the company is offering with the booth. The big sunglasses and the captioned boards are the most famous props, and so they are must-haves on your D-Day. Ask the company to incorporate a few customised captioned boards that will be exclusively for your wedding. Also, check if the graffiti wall is displaying the most attractive designs to keep your guests’ excitement quotient high.


Since the time photo booths have been introduced, they have become an important part of every wedding affair, birthday and bachelorette party and other such events because of their versatility and usability. They are capable of keeping your guests entertained and engaged even when the Dj goes off and when they are tired of eating and boozing. Keep your head clear about what you are looking for and communicate it well with the company so they could make all the necessary arrangements and make your wedding day even more memorable.