Uploading videos to Facebook profile is now in increasing demand as it is the most interesting way to express your Feelings and experiences. Many of its users like to share their life events, feelings and other stuff regularly to their Facebook friends. Go through this post to solve your Facebook video uploading Facebook password recovery issues.


If you cannot add Video, check:

1. The video should be in a supported format, recommended MP4 and MOV.

2. You have an option to change the format through the softwares available.

3. Remember about the length and size of Videos which meant to be of 120 minutes with maximum file size of 4.0 GB.

4. You must be using the latest version of your browser

5. That you have a strong network connection


 Cannot View or Play Videos:

1. Reopen or Refresh your Browser

2. Update your Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer or Safari)

3. Opt an another Browser


If using Internet Explorer:

1. Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player

2. Ask for help at Adobe Flash Player Help with Video Display and Video Playback issues

3. Turn off the ActiveX Filtering in your Browser settings

 If your Mobile device does not support playing videos, it will show a thumbnail but would not play that Video


To solve issues in making a call on Facebook:

1. Few of the wireless networks are inconsistent or slow. Try to connect through direct router network for stability

2. To share your network with other peoples can slow down your connection

3. Close the other applications that are using your Internet

4. Cancel the downloading files


Tips for Video Calling:

1. Close other open applications that are using a Camera or Microphone

2. Your Camera must be compatible with your system

3. Download the most recent drivers for your Camera from your trusted websites

4. Try to restart your Browser

5. If you are using an external microphone or speakers, make so sure that they must be connected properly to your Computer

6. Check your Microphone must not be on Mute.

7. Your Friend's Microphone should be connected correctly

 To report a problem to Facebook Customer Service:

Dial +1-855-777-5686 for Facebook related help 24*7 and our Tech support team will help you by giving you the most promising solutions for the same.


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