Tire pressure monitoring is in the car driving process of tire pressure for real-time automatic monitoring, and tire leakage and low pressure when the first time alarm to ensure traffic safety. There is no tire pressure monitoring is also a low and high-level configuration Sensor of the distinction between discrimination. Tires as the only contact with the road parts, and the vehicle acceleration, braking, steering and other security aspects are closely related. Usually the tire pressure of four tires should be the same, or allow a deviation of 10 (due to different counting methods, some 0.1 units).

  Tire pressure monitoring system is one of the active safety equipment can prevent traffic accidents, it can be dangerous signs in the tire when the timely warning, to remind the driver to take appropriate measures to avoid the occurrence of serious accidents. With real-time monitoring, you can keep the tire at the specified pressure, temperature range, which can reduce the tire damage, extend tire life. When the wheel pressure is 10% lower than the normal value, the tire life is reduced by 15%.

  Improve fuel economy, the lower the tire pressure, and the ground contact area will be greater, the friction resistance will increase. Like cycling tire gas is not enough, we step up will be more laborious, the same reason when the tire pressure below the standard pressure of 30%, fuel consumption will rise 10%. On the contrary if the tire pressure is not enough good enough, will reduce Temperature Sensor the tire itself shock absorption effect, increase the burden of vehicle damping system, long-term use of the engine chassis and suspension system will cause great harm; if the tire pressure is not uniform, Easy to cause brake deviation, thereby increasing the wear of the suspension system.

  Indirect tire pressure monitoring WSB, this system is through the car ABS system wheel speed sensor to compare the speed difference between the tires in order to achieve the purpose of monitoring tire pressure, usually the original car comes with tire pressure monitoring system is this The When the tire pressure is reduced, the weight of the vehicle will make the tire diameter smaller, which will lead to changes in vehicle speed, this change can be used to trigger the alarm system to warn the driver. The direct tire pressure monitoring device is a system for directly measuring the air pressure of the tire using a pressure sensor installed in each tire, transmitting the pressure information from the inside of the tire to the central receiver module by means of a wireless transmitter, and then comparing the tire pressure data To display. Composite TPMS both the advantages ABS Sensor of the two systems, you can detect multiple tires at the same time the shortcomings of low pressure. But it provides real-time data for all four tires in real pressure.