In China's urban complex, road infrastructure differences in the environment, the Chinese characteristics of the automatic driving requires a lot of data accumulation, pre-complete test Sensor is to achieve automatic driving an indispensable step. Second, China's non-motor vehicle and pedestrian behavior laws are different, automatic driving external sensors must be non-motor vehicles and pedestrians to make timely and accurate judgments in order to effectively prevent accidents. Which on the external sensor accuracy and sensitivity of a higher demand. Radar solutions can achieve farther detection distances, wider speed detection ranges, and higher distances, speeds, and angular resolutions than programs with fewer channels. With the popularity of V2V and V2X, real-time data to be processed by autopilot will show a series of growth, which also puts forward higher requirements for the performance of the processing chip.

   At the moment, autopilot is one of the important strategies and investment directions in the field of car safety and automatic driving. When talking about this autopilot platform, the DRIVE360 autopilot platform utilizes high-precision MEMS sensors, millimeter-wave radars, and lidar technology Temperature Sensor to build a perfect 360-degree safe driving program in the future. Based on previous long-term car safety business, close depot and supplier cooperation, as well as experience in autopilot and related semiconductor products, have the ability and confidence to meet the large load of the advanced driver support system and the arrival of future autopilot.

   Automotive products is a highly integrated final product, which is different from ordinary products, is built on a large socio-economic system project, the need for specialization, socialization, and the need for related industrial products and supporting. In recent years, the automotive consumer market in China rapid expansion, so that car manufacturers have to expand their production scale to adapt to this huge market. Automobile production process point of view, the domestic automobile manufacturing industry, a substantial Speed Sensor increase in the level of automation, the obvious trend to improve the assembly accuracy and improve production efficiency. As a means of positioning and detection, a variety of sensors have been popular to all aspects of the production line. But the face of different manufacturers on the market, multi-series sensors, how to choose the most suitable for automotive applications in the field of products, become the key. With the rapid increase in the complexity of vehicle system technology, the synchronization between different systems will be more frequent, the challenges faced by R \u0026 D will gradually increase. Process is very important, will be fully responsible for software development and integration. Each controller contains the various levels of software, such as: basic operating system, interconnection applications, electronic actuators of the drive device. The conventional application software level will provide an interface for the vehicle's drive system functions to be used with other electrical systems to enable interactive collaboration of software within different levels, while ensuring that they are 'performing their duties'. The highest importance Throttle Position Sensor of security software, hardware management can be achieved on the self-management, and functional applications on the transmission system and its performance for specific control.
     Automated driving has already begun alliance and differentiation, and with the intelligent network has risen to a national strategy, production and sales in China, Internet companies will comply with Chinese standards, and local Chinese suppliers. In the field of intelligent networking and unmanned driving, both at home and abroad are trying to capture the high ground, we must Pressure Switch do a good job as soon as possible to encourage innovative top-level design and Chinese standards.