Many advanced sensor manufacturers have been fully aware of the simple data collection function is not difficult, but how to carry out accurate analysis of large data and effective use is the key to the problem. If there is no follow-up computing platform to operate, then the function Sensor and value of the sensor will lag. Such as the central gateway provided by Bosch for the car networking market, whether its own communication protocols are unified in terms of their in-vehicle multimedia systems, electronic power systems and airbags, and so on; in addition, vehicle manufacturers sometimes do not choose the same company Internal parts, the central gateway can control other parts of the enterprise is also a curious topic.

  Whether as a hardware part of the sensor or software platform, all the system integration is to regulate the data, including car detection, positioning, and so different functions to establish the appropriate technology platform. Sensors and networks should  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor be built around the data to build, from the application level to consider the problem. So many of China's production of sensor companies will have the opportunity to technological breakthroughs, if you do not grasp the core technology of the sensor, all rely on imports can not grasp the initiative of intelligent manufacturing and interconnected cars.

  To achieve the interconnected car, in the end is to rely on sensors such hardware dependency more rational software package was able to fully realize, but no matter what kind of advanced technical means, since the interoperability of course, inseparable from the sensor assistance, with the use of the sensor Increase, but also related to the connection and other supporting the use of components related to the problem, the sensor as a car interconnection system inside the key components to play its value, not just an independent individual. How to ensure Pressure Switch the effective role of the premise, the various functions of the sensor integration may be the future business is worth thinking about the direction. We do not lack data, but the lack of real core data, in the future automatically driving one day, and perhaps some people are willing to try to master their own steering wheel experience, then the sensor will be in the process of traveling in advance to perceive his needs.

 In the current rapid development of sensor enterprises, will help improve the quality of enterprises awareness and technical level, to encourage sensor companies to communicate with each other, promote each other and create a favorable competitive environment.