First of all, need to sensor sensors, need to know the surrounding environment of the car. For example, the road was blocked or roadblocks, to the sensor to understand the surrounding environment, such Sensor as the front 50 km, 100 km what happened, there is a high-definition map. The effective sensor fusion mode is that when a sensor is in the dead zone, the other sensors can do the same work effectively, so that the delay can be achieved by more system redundancy, and the whole system can run in an orderly manner The But also to promote the integration of sensor information, and then use large data analysis and artificial intelligence. We in the case of machine learning, or the need for people to participate in the relevant.

   The machine itself is unable to judge the road, it must be through the learning process to integrate different data, combined with artificial intelligence to get this conclusion. So if you have a full range of information about the surrounding car, you have to install a 360 degree scanner on the roof of the camera, so you can avoid all the blind spots, a comprehensive grasp of the car week. To the engine Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and the guidance system, is the driving system issued an order to make the driving action. If the system crashes, especially in the case of high-speed, it may have led to the accident, so when we achieve the higher level of automation, we must better reduce system redundancy, better improve our Sensing systems or power systems, not only in the sensor to be optimized, while the implementation level must have a higher standard, there must be more redundant space. In the traditional sense of the driving is not the so-called redundancy of the necessity, and when the third layer, began to have a redundant demand, and in the fourth, fifth level, in the integration of artificial After the intelligence, we see that we have a lot of sensors, the basic car is the whole of this scanning system. And then need to have enough redundancy for the sensor, including for the entire braking system.

   In the future hope that through the help of such technology, to better enjoy the fun of driving, and when you want to drive when you can drive their own, when you want to take Temperature Sensor off your hands can also switch the automatic driving mode, let the car go away just fine.