I had my yearly physical recently and my family internist said I was in excellent health. I was a bit negligent, though in not yet having a colonoscopy as he had been adamantly urging to do since I hit the half century mark over a decade  ago. Still, he said I was fit as a fiddle, or maybe a cello as I had gained some weight around my middle. But I actually grew an inch !!. Ok-so Im stuck at 5'10".
Despite the fact that the primary componments of my nutrition consist of Burger King, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken. and Krispy Kremes,I was in amazing shape.especially taking into the fact that my areobic exercise was predominately switching stations on my TV remote or reaching into the freezer for some chocolate Klondike bars.
Anyway,after a few days of anxiously awaiting my blood test results. my doctor finally called and said. "your results are excellent, keep doing whatever you are doing". As soon as I got off the phone, I Johnny Rocketed out the door, drove the one short block to my local supermarket where I purchased two gallons of Death by Chocolate Ice cream,four bags of barbecued potato chips.and a box of Twinkies.