April 24

Actress, singer, and dancer, Shirley MacLaine was born in Richmond, VA in 1934. She was nominated for an Academy Award five times and won the award for Best Actress in 1983 for Terms of Endearment. MacLaine won Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress for her role in The Apartment (1960) and Irma la Douce (1963). Other notable films include Some Came Running (1958), Gambit (1968), and Sweet Charity (1969). Her younger brother is Warren Beatty. MacLaine has a special interest in New Age spirituality and metaphysics.

Sue Grafton was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1940 and is the author of detective novels. She is best known for her “alphabet series” which focuses on private investigator Kinsey Milhone. Early in her career, Grafton wrote screenplays for television movies. She won Anthony Awards for “B” is for Burglar and “C” is for Corpse. In 2013, “W” is for Wasted was published.

Barbra Streisand was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1942 as Barbara Joan Streisand. She is the winner of 2 Academy Awards, eight Grammys, and 5 Emmys. Streisand is the best selling female artist of all time with more that 71 million albums and 245 million singles sold worldwide. Some of her most popular recordings include People (1964), Evergreen (1977), and Woman in Love (1980). Her most notable films include Funny Girl (1968), The Owl and the Pussycat (1970), and A Star is Born (1976). Streisand was once on Richard Nixon’s Enemies List and is an active supporter of the Democratic Party. She is also noted for her philanthropic activities.

The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space from the Kennedy Space Center in 1990. It was named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. Because of its orbit above the Earth’s atmosphere, the telescope is able to take high-resolution photos of space with little background lighting. The telescope has been serviced several times by astronauts, including fixing a major optical problem in 1993.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger became the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in 2005. Ratzinger was elected to the position on April 19 following the death of Pope John Paul II. He took the name Benedict XVI. Ratzinger started as a priest in Bavaria in 1951 and became a cardinal in 1977. Considered a conservative within the Church, he announced his resignation in 2013 due to a “lack of strength of mind and body.”

Larry Moskal began his career as a Social Studies teacher in 1971. He graduated from the University of Buffalo with degrees in history and education. Larry taught Social Studies for the Ken-Ton School system, a suburban school system north of Buffalo, New York until 2005, and then taught and was the Dean of Students at San Miguel High School in Tucson. At Ken-Ton, he pioneered several online courses for high school students. In the 1980s, he spent three years teaching in Colombia, South America and spent four years at Lewiston-Porter High School. He currently is the PowerSchool Administrator for San Miguel accomplishing his work over the Internet.