August 2

In 1964, the U.S. destroyer USS Maddox was involved in two incidents with ships of the North Vietnamese navy. This became known as the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. It resulted in the passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution by Congress and granted President Johnson the authority to assist any nation that was threatened by communist aggression. It was the legal justification for our war in Vietnam.

Rickey Henderson stole his 100th base in 1982 and would go on to steal a total of 130 for that season, a season record. During his career, he stole over 100 bases in a season three times and holds the record of 1,406 for a career. I had a chance to see him play that year in Oakland and every time he got on base, the whole stadium became electrified with anticipation. Henderson was an all-star ten times during his career and was the American League MVP in 1990. The Oakland Athletics have retired his #24 and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2009.

The First Gulf War began in 1990 when Iraq invaded neighboring Kuwait. This began Operation Desert Shield, which would turn into Operation Desert Storm on January 17, 1991. The Iraqi armed forces unleashed an attack by bombing Kuwait City. The Kuwaiti military consisted of 16,000 soldiers at the time. A few hours after the invasion, the UN Security Council passed a resolution condemning the attack. A coalition of 34 nations, led by the United States was formed against Iraq and Saddam Hussein, and it would begin military operations in January of 1991.

Birthdays Today

1924James Baldwin, American author, poet, playwright, and critic (d. 1987)
1924Carroll O'Connor, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2001)
1932Peter O'Toole, Irish actor, singer, and producer (d. 2013)
1939Wes Craven, American director, producer, and screenwriter
1942Isabel Allende, Chilean author

Larry Moskal began his career as a Social Studies teacher in 1971. He graduated from the University of Buffalo with degrees in history and education. Larry taught Social Studies for the Ken-Ton School system, a suburban school system north of Buffalo, New York until 2005, and then taught and was the Dean of Students at San Miguel High School in Tucson. At Ken-Ton, he pioneered several online courses for high school students. In the 1980s, he spent three years teaching in Colombia, South America and spent four years at Lewiston-Porter High School. He currently is the PowerSchool Administrator for San Miguel accomplishing his work over the Internet.