July 23

The 1967 Detroit riot (also called the 12th Street Riot) was one of the most destructive riots in American history. It began with a police raid on an unlicensed bar on the corner of 12th and Clairmount in the Near West Side of Detroit. Eighty-two African Americans were celebrating the return of two GIs from Vietnam when the raid took place. All the patrons were taken away and the looting began. Governor George Romney called the National Guard into Detroit and President Lyndon Johnson sent in the Army. Forty-three people died, over 1100 were injured, 7,200 arrests were made, and more than 2,000 buildings were destroyed. Only the 1862 NYC draft riots and the 1992 Los Angeles riots were more extensive.

In 1984, Vanessa Williams became the first Miss America to resign after nude photos appeared in Penthouse magazine. Her title went to the runner-up, Suzette Charles of New Jersey. Williams then began her career in singing and acting. Williams had won the Miss New York title in 1983 and became the first African American to be crowned Miss America. The nude photos then surfaced and while Playboy refused to publish the photos, Penthouse did. Williams was allowed to keep her crown and scholarship from the pageant.

Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew, Duke of York, at Westminster Abbey in 1986. Andrew is the second son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. She is often referred to as “Fergie” and currently works for charities, is a writer, producer, and television personality. She and Andrew had two children, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Fergie became the Duchess of York upon her marriage to Andrew. The couple separated in 1992 and were divorced in 1996.

Birthdays Today

1918Pee Wee Reese, American baseball player and sportscaster (d. 1999)
1933Bert Convy, American actor, singer, and game show host (d. 1991)
1936Don Drysdale, American baseball player and sportscaster (d. 1993)
1936Anthony Kennedy, American jurist
1961Woody Harrelson, American actor


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