October 19

In 1950, the People’s Republic of China (Red China) joined the Korea War against United Nations forces led primarily by the United States. Chinese troops crossed the Yalu River that separates China and North Korea. Twelve days after China joined the war, the Soviet Union gave air support and increased their aid to China. The first fighting between US and Chinese troops took place on November 1. From July 1951 to July 1953 a stalemate between the two sides took effect and negotiations began and an armistice began in July 1953.

Black Monday occurred in 1987 when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 508 points or 22.6%. The crash began in Asian markets, then spread to Europe and then to the United States. Stocks had moved upward during the first half of 1987 and then Black Monday hit. It was the largest percentage decline for a single day in Dow Jones history. It took about two years for the Dow to return to its pre-Black Monday high. Blamed for the drop included program trading, overvaluation, and market psychology.

The most intense tropical hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, Hurricane Wilma, hit its peak in 2005. Hurricanes Rita and Katrina also developed that same year. Wilma became a Category 5 hurricane and lessened before hitting the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico on October 21. Wilma then turned northeast and made landfall again in southern Florida. At least 62 deaths were reported and the damage was estimated at over $29 billion (2005 dollars). Wilma is ranked among the five costliest hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Birthdays Today

1922Jack Anderson, American journalist and author (d. 2005)
1931John le Carré, English intelligence officer and author
1932Robert Reed, American actor, singer, and director (d. 1992)
1945John Lithgow, American actor and singer
1962Evander Holyfield, American boxer and actor

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