So you broke up and people are telling you to move on. It’s over, but your heart just won’t let it go. Well, I’m here to tell you that if you really truly believe that you still love him and want your ex back, then it’s all worth it.

Just follow these simple steps on ways to get your ex back and you’ll have the love of your life holding you in his arms again.

1.    Think About What Happened

You broke up! Think about what went wrong in the relationship. It’s not about blaming someone, it’s about putting things into perspective.

2.    Don’t Be Clingy

Don’t be really needy and desperate for attention. That’ll just give him reasons to stay away. Instead, give him his space, no contact just for a while.

3.    Be Your Effervescent Self Again 

Be the person he fell in love with, remember all the things he loved about you and focus on those traits, but not only for him, more importantly for you. Try new things and experiment with yourself.

4.    You’re Still Open to Him

Still show signs that you’re open to the idea of getting back together. Build around that secretly without letting him know that you want him back.

5.    Erase All the Bad Memories

The reasons that caused you two to break up, try erasing those memories by creating newer ones, and use the past to your advantage, all the special times you had together (reminisce).

6.    Prepare Yourself

It has taken some time now but he’s warmed up to you again so choosing the rights words to get your ex back is very crucial. Let him know you still have feelings for him but respect his wishes and hope to be friends. Prove it by going for some casual drinks to a bar or to a game.

7.    Make Sure He Knows You’re Thinking of Him

Let him know from time to time that you’re thinking of him, and miss the times you spent together.

8.    Invite Him

Invite him to be open with you and to talk like you used to when you were together. Re-build the trust he had in you.

9.    Seduction

Yes! The art of seduction, move him away from his rational mind and make him focus on his animalistic urges. Playing and being flirty will help a lot, moreover, if you see it working then know that he still has feelings for you.

10.  Listen to Him

Focus this time on the choice of words he uses. If he says something unusual, bring it back into the conversation. This will show him that you’re listening to him and that you understand each other better. 

Know that no situation is hopeless. If you really want to make it work and believe in it, it will truly happen. So how do you get your ex back? Follow these steps and you’ll have him back sooner than you thought.



This post is written by Alex Wise who works as a relationship consultant for free dating site and a blog contributor. Check out the company  site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter