These countries are the top 10 countries where residents spend time traveling. 

1. Finland

Residents of Finland take an average of 7.5 trips per year with domestic trips within their borders being 5.8 trips. In the country, 1 family out of 6 has a second home, which is true of other Scandinavian countries on this list. The Finland resident takes more trips per year than any other location on this list.  

2. United States

In the U. S., families spend much of their time exploring within the their own borders. They take a total of 6.7 trips per year, but only 0.2 of those trips was outside the United States. Experts often suggest that the reason for Americans' disinterest in other cultures is that there are many rich and diverse cultures within its borders to explore. 

3. Sweden

The Swedes take 6 trips per year, so they're third on the list. With the beauty and majesty of Sweden at their fingertips, it's no wonder that they take an average of 4.4 trips within their own country. It's normally listed as one of the best places to live in the world, so it's not wonder Sweden's residents don't want to go far. 

4. Denmark

Residents of Denmark travel 5.3 times per year. Often, they have second homes in other countries like Finland or Sweden. That results in 1.4 trips being outside Denmark's borders. 

5. Norway

With Norway residents taking 5.2 trips per year on average, 3.2 of those trips are domestic. That means that at least two times per year residents will explore areas outside the Norway borders. They could be traveling to their second home in Sweden or Denmark. Cost of living is high in many Scandanavian countries, so those who travel outside of the country will see a greater return on their money.

6. Hong Kong

The residents of Hong Kong have almost no domestic travel. They like to move past their borders and explore the rest of the world with 4.3 trips per year past Hong Kong's borders. Domestic trips only make up 0.03 of that yearly travel.

7. New Zealand

New Zealanders love to explore their own beautiful backyard. They make 4.3 trips per year as a country, but only 0.5 of those trips are outside their own borders. They'd rather visit places like Tongariro National Park or the stunning Waitomo Caves than head to another country.

8. Canada

Another country that loves its own backyard is Canada. The residents take 4.2 trips per year, but only 1 of those trips is outside its borders. Even with the United States on its border, Canadians are content with exploring their own beautiful countryside. 

9. Australia

It might be no surprise to learn that Australians love to explore their own wild outback country. In total, they make an average of 3.8 trips per year, but only 0.4 of them are outbound trips. You can see more details of their explorations here.

10. France

With 3.5 trips per year, French people love to explore, but they will often spend more time in their own country on domestic trips. It's not hard to imagine that they spend more time visiting their amazing landmarks than visiting other countries.

These countries have many residents who are struck by the wanderlust bug, but they will often stick to exploring their own backyards than travel to other countries. They'll spend at least some time taking overnight trips within their own backyard, but less time hopping on a plane to another part of the world.