You have long been tired of the first dates that never grow into a serious relationship? Finally, tired of dating guys who are not ready for a serious long relationship? Maybe you should think over your actions? Reading this article you can learn about the most serious mistakes women make in relationships with men.  Remember, that you are the one who can change something in your life to better...

  1. If you have decided that you will never find true love, you are most probably mistaken. There are women, confident that they need no men, and they are completely self-sufficient. They think that love was invented by poets.... However, this approach is simply a way to not feel pain. The thing is the more often a person thinks that she is not able to find her true love, the more likely that she will not find it. Remember: positive thoughts attract good things. Negative - on the contrary. Therefore, in order to change your life for the better, you should first change yourself. Positive thinking is the key! If it's hard for you to learn to think positively, try to start a diary in which you will write positive things about yourself. I'm sure you will easily find a lot of positive things about yourself.
  2. Get rid of the bad guys as soon as possible. It makes no sense to date men who promise to call and never do. Believe me you don't deserve someone who lies all the time or goes out with other women. Ask yourself (and be fair): Why do you have to put up with such an attitude towards yourself? Put away all doubt and break up if there is someone like this in your life. 
  3. Love does not mean complete control. If you are in a relationship that does not mean that the person should be with you all the time. Each person should have free time. Sometimes woman feels neglected and unloved. This happens, for example, when a man goes to the football match of his favorite team or simply plays pool with friends.  You can spend that time with benefit for yourself, for example, you can do your hair or spend time with friends. Know that the happiest couples should respect each other and the right of their partner to spend time alone.