We all know how important it is to aid in preserving the nature. Any effort you put counts. There are numerous ways you do this and one of them is to go green when building a new house. Green homes have been an “alternative” in last couple of decades but now they are only becoming more popular. So there is no reason why you should not choose to do this when building your new home. If you decide to do this, be sure to have in mind the following 4 ideas.

Use solar energy


First of all, you should consider using solar energy for your new home. The sun is a great source of energy that is completely “clean” and does not cost much. You should decide on this before you actually start building because you will want to position the house according to the sun. If you do this you will be able to take advantage over the light and geography and make your solar panels as efficient as possible. This will not hurt your wallet at all as there are certain grants and tax breaks which are connected to the use of solar energy.

Think about water

Water consumption is another big problem of today and if you are thinking about going green this is another thing you can do right. One thing you can do is get tankless water heaters or low flow faucet aerators. Both of these are great ways to reduce the water consumption at your new home. Another thing you can do is get a product that will stop your shower when the water is hot enough. This way not a single drop of hot water will be wasted when you are showering. If you have any water features in your backyard you can capture rainwater and use it instead of pipe water.

Use renewable materials

Using eco-friendly materials should also be one of your goals. Using such materials will reduce the impact of the construction of your house on the environment. Recycled plastic and reclaimed lumber can be used in construction as well as some natural products like linoleum, cork and bamboo. You can use these for roofing, counters, cabinets and also as a construction material.

Have your house properly insulated


When we are talking about green homes, insulation is one of the most important aspects to consider. More than half of your energy consumption is accounted for heating and cooling. If there are leaks at your home the heat will leave the house and more energy will be required to keep it completely warm. Do not let heat or cool air leave your home by insulating it properly. Contact Keep Warm and have professionals insulate your new home. If you do this, no energy will be wasted. Not only this will have a good impact in the environment but will also save you some money.


There are many products you can get today that will make your house eco-friendly. Just make sure you contact architect and builder in order to make sure that everything you have planned can be built without any troubles. Remember that every effort counts and that you should feel proud for choosing to build a home that is environment-friendly.