Computer Security:--

 If you want a computer to be fully secure, you could fill it with concrete and dump it in the ocean. This would protect any information on the computer from wrong use. Unfortunately, the computer would be completely unusable, so you probably don't want to do that! Since you want to both use your PC and keep it safe, you should practice good system security.

System security allows you to use the computer while keeping it safe from threats. System protection the various type of software to the user to keep safe their system from the damage and theft to their software, information, or hardware, also from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. That time users need support to resolve your problem.


 1- Protect our Data

 Data is very important of our computer. We should secure our data and information. We should take backup of our most important data. A high-quality Computer security can help reduce the risk of your data theft.

 2- Harmful Spyware

Baleful spyware is a software program that collects information and personal information about without their approval, that information is redirected to a third party site. risky spyware is not easy to be removed. we should use anti-spyware software for removing spyware and software. We should update anti-spyware software time to time then our Device may secure from spyware.

 3- Password protection

Keep Use strong passwords for protection with at least ten Numbers, characters, special characters, and a combination of letters. Do not use a word that can easily be found in a dictionary or any reference to personal information, such as a name, birthday. hackers easily find personal information . remember your password and don’t give your password to any person. Use unique passwords for each online account and use the different password for all account.

 4- Protect Computers From Viruses & Malware

Do you know about computer virus. there was a virus hidden inside your PC. Many time we install programs, viruses do not realize but they come with lots of programs that are spying on you that are looking your activities. Various viruses on the computer were hidden in files that had been downloaded off the Internet: movies, videos, and songs.

We never click on pop-up ads. We never open attachments from people you do not know. Protect your private information. Be careful what you click. We should use anti-virus and time to time update antivirus. There are so many Anti- Virus Software available, both free and paid.

5- Speed up Your Computer

Speed is very important part of our system. If our system is slow so system creates many problems in security. We should delete duplicate and junk files, uninstall programs you do not use, add the more storage option, turn off animation, time to time clean up your hard disk, turn off visual effect, check virus and malware.   

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