To explore Africa’s breathtaking flora & faun, you want to go for a Kenya safari with your family or friends. Diving with the giant dolphins, discovering the magnificent natural landscape of the country, and roaming near lions and elephants will make your trip unforgettable. However, when it comes to what to do during a Kenya safari the options are really endless. Keep reading this post till the end to find out some exhilarating things to do on your next Kenya safari.

3 Days Amboseli Luxury Lodge Safari

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro & Mount Kenya:
Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano positioned in northeastern Tanzania, pretty close to the Kenya- Tanzania border.  Trek Uhuru Peak on Mt Kilimanjaro which is the highest point in Africa. It is a challenging climb, so be prepared both mentally and physically.

Enjoy golfing:

Without golfing your Kenya safari holiday is absolutely incomplete. There are quite a few golf courses in Kenya, but  Country Club and  Windsor Golf Club are most two most popular ones. Playing in massive courses expanded by the side of silvery beaches of the Indian Ocean is always a fun and you don’t want to miss it.  These golf clubs are quite affordable and anyone can afford it.

Mountain biking:

In Kenya, you can easily find bike rentals. Biking via the mountain summits of Kenya offers you a chance to witness the very active side of the nation. Begin your trip from the less-known Hell’s Gate National Park & bike via the old lava channels and vibrant rocks of Mount  Longonot &  Mt. Suswa.

Don’t miss a hot air balloon safari adventure:

Go for a hot air balloon safari in Kenya to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the popular Maasai Mara game park. Enjoy the light 7 gentle breeze while witnessing the mischievous activities of wild creatures.

Go for a Kenya Lodge Safari:

While your travel and tour throughout the day, you need a peaceful enjoyable night and a cozy bed and this is exactly a Lodging Safari brings you. With a Kenya lodge safari, you can explore the mesmerizing splendor of wildebeest, forests, birds, plants and mountains throughout the country. For example, a trip to Lake Nakuru will bring your massive adventure, where you’ll see diverse kinds of birds such as golden plover, white-tailed sea eagles, golden eagles, raven, and peregrine. There’re many stunning lodges & camps placed conveniently where you can relax and watch the magnificence of East Africa and Kenya as a whole.

4 Days Masai Mara Budget Group

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