Do you feel your child is not challenged enough, but has the potential to excel? Curious about IB schools in Mississauga but unsure where to start? Read on to learn about seven ways that the advanced IB program at St. Jude’s Academy prepares students for success at university and in life beyond. 


Enhanced learning opportunity for students: One of the unique features of  IB is that it is developed independently of any national educational curriculum. Students enjoy an effective approach to teaching that is designed around what children need and how they learn best. When you look inside IB admission, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on development of the whole child as an inquirer, both inside and out of the the classroom. 


Good preparation for university: Since they are writing similar style essays, and doing coursework, students get a clear idea of what is expected of them at the university level. This is a true fact! Over the course of the past few years, many students attending international baccalaureate schools have found themselves well prepared for the demands of an undergraduate program after training with the IB.


Transfer credits: What is truly amazing is the idea of transfer. Students that can achieve the required grade in higher level courses they complete, are able to receive transfer credits when they apply to university. This allows students to spread out their course loads, save on tuition, and earn their degree even sooner. 


IB program encourages critical thinking: From an early age, students are thoughtful learners who seek knowledge and think critically. In contrast to traditional schools, students are not just memorizing key facts at international baccalaureate schools. Instead, students are interested in solving problems, asking challenging questions, and connecting one subject of learning to another. In addition, they get to converse with peers from anywhere around the world, and create answers together. 


Intellectual and personal growth: Another benefit is the strong support students receive from the overall learning experiences. Aside from academics, the program allows for compassion, open - mindedness, and more importantly growth in confidence and maturity as an individual.


Recognized, both nationally and internationally: The IB diploma has gained a reputation for its rigorous external assessment and is recognized and respected by universities worldwide.


Opens doors: Last but not least, it gives today’s grads the tools they need to enter the job market, on the way to exiting careers or more advanced study. 

Based on the realities that we’ve seen this superior program provides every student a strong foundation for a successful future, but also an even better doorway to enter and thrive in the global community.


SJA is an excellent option 

If you are a parent considering international baccalaureate schools for your son and/or daughter, then you might want to give St. Jude’s Academy an extra look. It’s a perfect time to start familiarizing yourself with the IB admission requirements. Speak with our admissions coordinator today to get started.