The concept of labor became inseparable from the field of success.

The invention of Labor day was in 1882.

On every Labor Day, every company rewards their employees by sharing successes, recognizing good work, being open to new ideas, and of course, giving gifts.

We’d offer 7 last minute employee appreciation day gift ideas. Try out employee gift ideas to show your team members how much you appreciate them

1. A Free Day of Work

Every day, the employees are the ones who work over time to increase company’s profit. Lets appreciate their work for once and for all. On this Labor Day, try to make them feel relaxed. A day’s off or a half day off will be a great appreciation plan. Give them a surprise by providing ‘a time off with pay’. Leave a handwritten day off the note on their desk at least two days before the Labor day. They will have time then to plan a great day outing to celebrate ‘their day’. Never forget to mention your appreciation for what they do.

2. At-Home Services

Most of the employees spend major time of their working life in office. And on weekends they are busy with their cleaning stuff. Let’s show them that you care for their life outside office as well. On this Labor Day, hire a housemaid or a baby sitter for them. This is nothing but to help them relaxed the whole day. A whole day relaxation will help them to have a night out with their significant others as well.

3. Sweet Cake

The employees’ dedication to the company is something irreplaceable and proportionate. This Labor day, send a surprise gift to their home address to make them feel happy. Send them a cake of their favorite flavor with a thank you message on them. This is to show them how much important they are to the company. This will boost their positive energy to work harder. Giftblooms has to brew and provide pure dedication to bake a perfect cake. One can contact Giftblooms for online cake delivery to celebrate this Labor day.

4. Wine

Employees do work hard for the company’s improvement. They forget about time and day, to make the company reach its target in time. Surprise them with a well planned wine party to celebrate their working spirit. Gift them their favorite brand of wine each. Make them feel that the company value their worth and dedication.

5. Corporate Gift Basket

A gift basket makes the Labor Day perfect. Include certain office using things in the basket. Like their favorite brand of pen and a desk clock. If the desk cloak carries a thank you message on it, nothing can be more perfect. Besides, add some of his favorite things in the basket as well. You can add his/her favorite chocolate bar and cookie packet to it. It is best to hand it over to himself/herself on the Labor Day along with a flower bouquet. One who works so hard for your company, doing this much for him/her is worthy enough. Giftblooms provide gift basket delivery service across the world. Try Now!

6. Office Plant

A green energizes the atmosphere where it belongs. That is what the employees need to boost their energy for work. On this Labor Day, gift a small office plant on his/her desk as a gift. If not green enough, a lily will also work fine. Lily is beautiful. It purifies the air. Above all, it is a survivor. It is a perfect resemblance of the employees for whom the company survives and moves on.


7. Relaxation Kit

Everyday with a target in front to reach, the employees faces enormous stress. That reflects in the company’s improving status. On this Labor day, gift them a relaxation kit to keep at home. They will be of great use to them after a stressful day in the office (which is almost every day). Fill the kit with a sweet fragrance candle and purifying bath products. A velour robe and a terry slipper in the kit would complement each other well.

Final Words:

The employees are the pillars of your company. They are not only keeping the company running, but also improve in every way possible. You might plan for its success. The employees execute such plan. As a result, the company achieves success. You are grateful to them. Let’s accept and express this with unique gifts on this Labor day.