Almost all the time, guys wish girls could understand what they are really feeling and thinking inside. If you have a hard time on understanding your guys, read on this article right now to discover some of the secret things that girls don’t know about guys.

Top 8 Things That Girls Don’t Know About Guys:

  1. Guys Hurt More

In some cases, guys often pretend like that they do not care or they walk away instead of having a direct conversation. However that does not mean that guys do not hurt inside. In case a guy is suffering from a broken heart, it may hurt him a lot, even more than you image. And the worst thing is that nobody knows he is crying inside.

  1. Thoughts of His Future

Guys often think of the future, even when they care less about what occurs the next day.  Maybe, guys just want to keep their dreams in private as they are too afraid of not achieving that they promise to you.  As guys, it is easier to pretend that they do not care about their future instead.

  1. Thoughtless Girls

In some cases, a guy’s gift may be boring and thoughtless. However, that does not mean that they love you less or did not try enough.

  1. Attractive Girls

Most of the guys are appealed by attractive women. And if this attractive woman rudely speaks to a guy, he will be able to tuck tail and run. Then, he will call her name and talk about her with everybody else around him. So, in case you are an attractive woman, try to behave nicely now and then when a guy tries to have a conversation with you.

  1. Guys Like The Attention

All guys like public display of affection and even when they act like they do not like it. Guys will feel great if the girl is accustomed with it by snuggling up to him or clinging to his arm even in case the guy does not reciprocate. This may make him feel more like a man as he feels like a protector,

  1. The Way To A Guy’s Heart

A way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach and this still is true to this day. He may not really care about your cooking skills, but if you can make a delicious meal for him, he will love you a lot before ending up the meal. Therefore, if you want to attract him, show off your cooking!

  1. Guys Love Compliments

Everybody loves compliments, even guys. A compliment that is said in the right time can become a game changer. Of course, guys prefer different kinds of compliments than women do. You can try complimenting his talents, skills, strength and manly behavior.

  1. Guys Need Breaks

When guys spend most of their days with you, it does not mean that they have to spend al the time with you. They also need a break from you and need to do guy-stuff.

And now you know the 8 things that girls don’t know about guys even if guys never say them out loud. Keep these things in mind, especially when your guy you like are with you. By playing these cards, he will be a lot interested in you. If you know other things that girls don’t know about guys, share them with us right now!

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