Modern interior designers are relying a lot on shelves, especially glass shelves to bring a spectacular look to the interiors of a house. The main benefit of a glass shelf is not just that it looks good, but it can withhold heavyweight stuff kept on it. It can easily carry heavy showpieces, books and other items of display in your room.

Glass shelves are available now in many shapes, designs and colours. They can be custom made to suit the furniture and other hardware kept in the room. Glass brings out a unique class in all sorts of furniture, hardware, etc. It can match with almost all the interiors as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the modern glass shelves. Here are our top 5 glass shelves for your home interior:

1. Window Shelf

This type is specifically designed for you to keep your plants inside the house with them getting enough sunlight. You can place pots, indoor plants, herbs and other plants of utility there and help them grow better. This particular glass shelf can withstand heavy materials on it as it is custom made for pots and stuff. It has got a sleek look to it and is very dependable as it has high strength despite being sleek. They are also called Veg Ledge and are handcrafted using high-quality polished acrylic. Each Veg Ledge is assembled one-at-a-time.

2. Wave Glass Shelf

These shelves speak out “class” right out. For the ones who believe in “simple yet classy” things for their house, this is the best shelf to get. It is made up of tempered glass and satin nickel hardware. The shelves come with the mounting screws on which the shelf is mounted. A combination of these shelves can enhance the beauty of your living room even further.

3. Wall Mounting Glass Shelf

The Wall Mounting Glass Shelf is the best utility shelf. It is made up of durable glass and has rail holds attached to its front. These rails do not let things fall off from the shelf. These shelves are best used in bathrooms to keep your soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. These come in various sizes and can be bought according to the need. This is probably the best shelf to hold things on.

4. Corner Glass Shelf

This one is a space saver. It goes in the corner and is quadrant shaped. Due to this shape, it covers the least area and fits into any wall corner. The best thing about these shelves is that they can be attached to any room, be it a bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen. It can be put to use in any of the rooms and will definitely liven up that part of the house. It is made of tempered glass and won’t break easily. It can withstand quite some load on it without pressure. The special made mounting screws for them come along with the shelf within the price of the shelf.

5. Franciscan Glass Shelf

It is specifically made for bathrooms to keep your shampoo and other bottles safely. Its length and depth are its main features. It has 20-inch length and is 6-inch deep. It does not have regular mounting screws but comes with concealed screws which give them an even better look. This sturdy shelf can easily hold up to 10 lbs. mass and its design can save you a lot of space. It is made of white porcelain accents which give these shelves their strength. Also, they are around 5-6 inches thick, which also adds up to its strength.


These were the Top 5 Glass Shelves for your home interior. If you want to make a glass shelf by yourself, follow this tutorial in how to make home made glass shelves. Glass shelves are visually appealing and are quite popular for that. They are quite useful and functional as well. They are mostly used for medicine cabinets, bath areas and wall niches. One can get glass shelves custom made with varied length, width and height. It all depends on your need and budget.


Glass shelves have become a key member of the interior design package and people consider it to be a must have nowadays. It surely livens up the room and unlike much other interior designing stuff, it is useful. If you always find less space in your house to keep your stuff, then utilise your walls. Not just utilise, but also beautify your walls with one of the 5 classy shelves. These shelves are made keeping in mind the 2 biggest concerns of a common household.