Nobody likes to get sick and rest for days on bed due to bad cold and fever. While there are several medicines available to treat your cold and give instant relief, best pcd pharma companies bring bogus chemical concoctions that never enter the human body. Let's talk about the same in detail.

Falling sick means that the person is missing out the work, activities, school, or vacation. But to be sick and then take medicine that either doesn't work or worsen the situation. We are now so much dependent on medicines that for a normal headache, we intake medicine to get instant relief. But this act is super unhealthy and put adverse effect on human body.

Even pregnant women are advised by physicians to take wrong medications. Medical doctors don't know anything about nutrition and they are trained to push and juggle chemical medication that hide symptoms and make patients to repeat visits to their doctors. This only costs you more money and time- not really! You put your health at risk when you choose such doctors for the treatment.

There are some false chemical concoctions that never meant to enter the human body -

  • OTC or over the counter and prescription antihistamines
  • The flu shot - it has 25,000 times more mercury than is legally allowed in potable drinking water.
  • Blood thinners
  • All immunizations contain known carcinogens that are responsible for cancer and severe allergies
  • SSRIs
  • Chemotherapy - cripples immunity and develops new cancers in the body
  • Antibiotics - kill all bacteria, even the good bacteria and cripple immunity

What is the major issue with antihistamines, SSRIs, and blood thinners?

You may wonder what's wrong with antihistamines, because for a few hours after consuming it, you always feel bit better. The truth is that antihistamines shrink your membranes and glands that produce mucus in your sinus cavities. This is the reason you feel better. But this relief is temporary as you see, your body produces mucus to push out the problem, and that could be bacteria, viruses or allergens. Antihistamines do nothing but create chronic illness that may result in a bronchial infection.

So, if you are also suffering from common cold or infection, and your doctor has prescribed you any of these useless medicines then don't take it seriously. Your situation may get worse but surely won't get treated. You can make comments below and share your thoughts about modern medication practice conducted by best pcd pharma companies in India.