The cleaning industry provides a vital support for businesses and homeowners in Clapham, London. We should understand that cleanliness ensures good health, hygiene and profitability to both homeowners and businesses in Clapham. Both commercial and residential property owners rely on a professional cleaning service to get the highest quality cleaning solution. While performing the cleaning process, a cleaning company has a risk of experiencing some losses or damages that needs to be compensated. There is also a possibility of causing an accidental damage to the client’s property or injury to the workers while on duty. These possibilities or unfortunate occurrences can be taken care with a right type of legal insurance policy for the professional cleaners in Clapham, London.

Please read this post to get some useful ideas about the insurance policy for the cleaners in Clapham! The below-listed things will give you an idea about the reality, importance and necessity of the insurance policy for the cleaning industry and the professional cleaners in Clapham, London.

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1. Public Liability Insurance:

There is a possibility when a client can come up with claims that a person has sustained bodily injuries, which was caused due to the result of skidding on a slippery floor cleaned by your professional cleaner. In this case, it becomes tricky for the cleaning company as there are chances to be sued and suffer heavy loses (if claims are levelled against), which is not good for a small company. As a professional cleaner in London, if you have a public liability insurance cover, then the insurer will bear the financial responsibility. For sure, you will get a peace of mind!

The public liability insurance cover for the professional cleaners in Clapham, London can also take care of the medical expenses for the injured person who has been hurt as a result of any kind of negligence by your cleaners during the cleaning process. But remember, in this policy, the insurer will not cover any injury sustained (while on the duty) by your cleaners.

2. General Property Cover:

If your client claims a damage to their property caused accidentally by the professional cleaner while carrying out the cleaning duties, then the general property cover will prove to be worth. The insured professional cleaners in Clapham will get an assured compensation from the insurer or the insurance company (who will pay for all the damage done).

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3. Worker’s Compensation Coverage:

Professional cleaners in Clapham are exposed to unique risk each day while performing the cleaning job. It is quite common for the cleaners in Clapham to get injured while on their line of duty, which can be at times fatal. In order to handle such unfortunate occurrences, it will be wise to get the worker compensation coverage policy for your professional cleaners in Clapham. This insurance policy will cover the cost of immediate medical attention (if the cleaner is hurt on the job) and also include compensation for the missed wages (while the cleaner is recovering from the injury). The worker compensation coverage is one of the best insurance policy for the cleaners in Clapham that gives a cleaning business an added layer of security.

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