Toilets looks to be simple and glamorous from a naked eye but it has many fixed and moving parts; well you must know that moving parts wear out or break. Though it is not very interesting, knowing everything regarding your toilet can be super useful whenever you find some difficulties in the functionality of your toilet. It needs timely inspection to avoid a running water condition. For plumbing maintenance, there’re three most essential spares of your toilet that you must want to know about. So, what are they? Let’s find out:


Flapper: The internal sections of a toilet work collectively to make it flush. When you press on the handle, the flapper lifts immediately, letting waters to be blown through the waste pipe & into your gutter. Basically, the flapper is a stopper that prevents water from continuously streaming through the toilet.


Fill Valve: Water streams into the toilet gutter from a supply line. When the waters inside the gutter swells, a float on the fill valve swells alongside it. The toilet stops filling as soon as the float reaches the crown of the fill valve.

Flange and Wax Ring: All the toilets out there are secured to the floor with a flange & a wax ring. In simple words, the flange is usually a metal hoop employed for connecting one object to another object (for instance: a toilet to the floor). And the wax ring is simply a string of wax that rests between the toilet and the flange, prompting a seal to prevent water from seeping.


These above-mentioned spares are the most essential to get familiar with if you want to understand how your toilet works. Sometimes a good inspection helps you to determine if it need a fix or replacement. Apart from these there is a lot of chance the flush handle is found to be corroded and broken or It may be possible to get a broken toilet cover Seat and replacing this part is easy though.  By having ideas about these spare parts you may be able to troubleshoot a few plumbing problems with your toilet. However if you are using ultramodern close coupled toilets it make sense to invite a plumbing maintenance technician.

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